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* Third Eye of the Buddhas – H.P. Blavatsky

* H.P. Blavatsky on the Antahkarana


* “To become a Buddha…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The Monad’s downward and upward cyclic rotation…”Master M.

* “Meat eating is full of dangers…”Damodar K. Mavalankar

* “Theosophy is a scientific religion and a religious science…”William Quan Judge

* “The Road to the Masters is the Road of Purity…”B.P. Wadia

* “The feeling of Egoity…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “These two doctrines are what the world most needs…”Robert Crosbie

* “The most important among the constellations…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “All our troubles in life arise from ourselves…”William Quan Judge

* “Improve yourself intellectually while developing your intuitions…”Master K.H.

* “Boundless, infinite, and unconditioned…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Those who have trained themselves can use the astral form at will…”William Quan Judge

* “The Law which is Deity…”B.P. Wadia

* “The embodiment of the highest practical Theosophy…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The INFINITE cannot be known to our reason…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The Adepts may be called rugged oaks that have no disguise…”William Quan Judge

* “Exact justice is the rule of life…”Robert Crosbie

* “Beware lest the Psychic outruns the Manasic and Spiritual development…”H.P. Blavatsky


* “The Alpha and the Omega of Eastern esotericism…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The true practice of Yoga…”William Quan Judge

* “There is a bright side to life…”William Quan Judge

* “Escape from the coils of the great serpent of illusion…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Voluntary victim of an illusionary God…”Master K.H.

* “The mysterious link between Mind and Matter…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The White Lodge dare not give out more than humanity can put to use…”Robert Crosbie

* “Filling the mind with a mass of half-dead images…”William Quan Judge

* “Spiritual holy love is immortal…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Reincarnation represents the cycle of human evolution…”B.P. Wadia

* “Theological Christianity must die out…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Absolute unselfishness and unlimited devotion…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “To compel the earnest student to dig out many profound truths…”William Quan Judge


* “The Individuality suffers through his Personality…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Two of the worst snares…”Master K.H.

* “Each and every event will bear for you a deep significance…”William Quan Judge

* “An entirely different view of life…”Robert Crosbie

* “It is not the birthday of Jesus Christ…”B.P. Wadia

* “The Kabalah can never divulge the whole truth…”H.P. Blavatsky


* “Capital punishment is both useless and injurious…”William Quan Judge

* “The first law of the Sacred Science…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Such an avalanche of crude impurities and fables…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “In the midst of a great and silent evolution…”Robert Crosbie

* “All in Nature is an aspect of the One Element…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Spread, explain, and illustrate the laws of Karma and Reincarnation…”William Quan Judge

* “The Root from which proceeds all manifestation…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Man is really a thinker and made of thought…”William Quan Judge

* “Only the knowledge of karma can offset it…”Master K.H.

* “The Golden Rule was not original with Jesus…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “There is no such thing as creation…”Robert Crosbie

* “It is only then that the Union with the Higher Self can take place…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The Kabbalah was entirely lost in the thirteenth century…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The apes were produced by man himself…”William Quan Judge

JULY 2013

* “Occult Science has its changeless traditions from pre-historic times…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The union of what with what?”T. Subba Row

* “The divisions of the sevenfold universe…”William Quan Judge

* “These material souls will begin to disintegrate…” H.P. Blavatsky

* “The rays of the eternal divine Mind…” H.P. Blavatsky

* “There is only Kosmos – the Great Order…”B.P. Wadia

“Concentrate the mind upon the Masters as ideals and facts…”Robert Crosbie

* “The real incarnating and permanent Spiritual Ego…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Thought is dynamic…”William Quan Judge

* “An incorporeal Principle, not to be blasphemously anthropomorphized…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Pure and true concentration…”Robert Crosbie

* “The nothingness of Buddhi and Atma…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Raja Yoga encourages no sham, requires no physical postures…”Damodar K. Mavalankar

* “The great law of life and progress…”William Quan Judge

* “Passing through and around us as if through empty space…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The moral teaching of the Bhagavad Gita…”T. Subba Row

“There are not many spirits but solely one spirit…”William Quan Judge

“The reincarnation of the same spiritual individuality in a long series of personalities…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The doctrine of the unreality of this Universe…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The prime purpose of H.P.B.’s mission…”B.P. Wadia

* “The supreme energy resides in the Buddhi…”Master K.H.

JUNE 2013

* “The mystery of the moon…”William Quan Judge

* “Man must save himself…”Robert Crosbie

* “Those who believe in Karma have to believe in destiny…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “Each man is the maker and fashioner of his own destiny…”William Quan Judge

“The view a genuine, impartial Occultist would take…”H.P. Blavatsky

“A living god within man’s physical shell…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “There is never any need to desire…”Robert Crosbie

* “The fate of the suicide is horrible…”William Quan Judge

* “Esoteric Philosophy is the source and foundation of all knowledge…”B.P. Wadia

* “The ultimate state of perfect Unconsciousness…”T. Subba Row

* “I do not think Western Esotericism is worthy of the name…”William Quan Judge

* “The Self of matter and the SELF of Spirit can never meet…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “There are such things as metamathematics and metageometry…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “There is only an ETERNAL NOW…”Master K.H.

* “True Theosophy is the Great Renunciation of SELF…”H.P. Blavatsky

* “The Highest Power cannot be less than Space…”Robert Crosbie

MAY 2013

* “Eastern metaphysics is a science that is highly practical…”B.P. Wadia

* “The immense body of images in the Astral Light…”William Quan Judge

* “Esoteric philosophy reconciles all religions…”H.P. Blavatsky

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