“Exact justice is the rule of life…”


Saturday 10th January 2015

“The fact that Law rules in everything and every circumstanceRobert Crosbie - United Lodge of Theosophists (Karma) is evidence that exact justice is the rule of life. As soon as one sees that there is no “God” to condemn or punish him and that he can only get that which belongs to him, and will surely get everything that does belong to him in a Universe of Law, then he has no reason for being “cheerless,” but feels satisfied, responsible, and confident. And no matter how much we may have transgressed or how little we may have known in the past, as soon as we sense the truth of Reincarnation – the process by which Law rules – we realize that we can set up better causes and make the future what we wish.

“The longer anyone studies along Theosophical lines, and the more he makes the Philosophy a basis for thought and action, the more fully, I believe, he will see the beauty and possibilities of life, and the tremendous opportunities it affords those who are willing to serve.

“Yes, as the questioner says, the vast mass of people do suffer; but the law, inherent in themselves, brings them the suffering because they earned it. All of them experience some joy as well as suffering; the law brings them that also because they earned it. Many of those who now suffer most are paying the penalty for their transgression against the rest, but in time the compensation will come. Furthermore, we always have the power of choice – if only in the attitude we take toward the circumstances of life.”

– Robert Crosbie, The Friendly Philosopher, p. 197-198 

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