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  1. Thank you for posting these informative, interesting, well-written excerpts. I am reading “Secret Doctrine.” If you have a mailing list, add me please.

    I wanted to point out what got my attention. It is this photo posted on wikipedia When I first saw it, I thought it was my twin. I have no siblings, but my grandmother was born in Lithuania, near Ukraine. Reading is easy, seems like I am “re-reading.” I have been interested in all these topics on my own. I was aware of Theosophy before now, but vaguely and probably from the “discreditors.”

  2. You are giving excellent articles and information regarding Theosophy. I am happy. Dr. Franz Hartmann accompanied Blavatsky when she left Adyar for Germany along with 4 others. Dr. Franz Hartmann’s observation report during his stay 9 months at headquarters at Adyar in 1984 is to come into existence. I will be happy if it will be enlisted in your articles.

  3. I found this information on Theosophy very enlightening and am wondering if Abraham Hicks is on of the Masters of our time? Does anyone know if there is any connection between Theosophy and Hicks?

    1. The “Abraham-Hicks” teachings are profoundly antithetical to those of Theosophy. The Theosophical view would be that they are leading people unwittingly into black magic.

      Please read the article “The Whitewashing of Black Magic” at

      They are actually mentioned briefly in that article, as it addresses the issue of the “Law of Attraction” philosophy…if it can rightly be called a “philosophy,” which is arguable.

      Please also take a look at “The Closing Cycle” ( and – if you have time – the lengthy but valuable explanatory article “Theosophy – An Explanation and Overview” at

  4. please write an article on enlightenment, mukti, and the Higher-manas assimilating into Buddhi?

  5. I’m just looking at options. If Christianity (my religion from birth) is okay, do I have to study Theosophy or any other religion? Theosophy seems to imply that all religions are valid, you just have to deny yourself worldly things. I don’t care about the “knowledge of everything”, I just want a right religion to follow and she seems to endorse Buddhism but sometimes Christianity since she thinks highly of Jesus.

    1. Thank you for your comment and question.

      You might find it interesting to read H.P. Blavatsky’s article “Is Theosophy a Religion?” There are some excerpts from it here:

      In that article she states that “All [religions] are true at the bottom, and all are false on their surface.”

      The Theosophical view is that some religions are “truer” or contain a greater and clearer degree of Truth than others – some forms of Buddhism and Hinduism for example – but that all religions without exception are a mixture of Truth and untruth, the true parts very often being veiled under a thick layer of theology and dogmatic interpretation.

      So Theosophy doesn’t advise anyone to join any particular religion. The motto of the Theosophical Movement is “There is no Religion higher than Truth,” for Truth is something which cannot be contained within any particular religion; on the contrary, it is universal.

      In her first book “Isis Unveiled” HPB speaks of Theosophy itself as “the anciently universal Wisdom-Religion,” which in long ages past was the common property, belief, and knowledge, of mankind.

      As she says in “Is Theosophy a Religion?” it is not “a” religion but is Religion itself, in the highest sense of the word and also Science itself. You may find through a study of Theosophy that it helps you to more deeply appreciate and understand your present religion of Christianity. On the other hand, some people find that the knowledge and information provided in the Theosophical literature leads them to feel compelled by their own conscience to leave Christianity.

      You can read, study, and decide for yourself what is best for yourself. Many Theosophists do not belong to any religion. They are simply “Theosophists” which literally means “Divine Wisdomists.” One Esoteric Philosophy underlies all the world’s religions and is the primeval archaic source and fountainhead of all the Truth that can be found in the various religions, philosophies, and sciences of the world. And this is what we call the Theosophia – Divine Wisdom.

      If you have any further questions or comments, we will be happy to respond and be of assistance.

      1. If all the info I would need is in her books & letters or on here, I would just study those helpful sources for most things.

        But I have 1 subject that bothers me A LOT about Theosophy just as much as Christianity, reincarnation: If there really are many people who are “soulless” and doomed to chase materialistic things FOREVER like animals (unless they can struggle away from this in 1 lifetime, I would hope) then how do I know I haven’t been separated from my soul or will lose it in a new life where I (unknowingly) make terrible decisions? I know people who, no matter how much time passes, they keep torturing themselves with lowly passions. E.G. They hate losing their youth and beauty or they’re depressed because they have no partner – or the opposite, they’re loving life because they have all these materialistic things… And It’s just really sad to think about…

        I see how reincarnation and karma is fair (more than eternal hell for 1 lifetime of mistakes) but what happens if you lived life as best you can but still fell short of avoiding Devachan, so you reincarnate and are once again forced to make progress or risk losing your soul.

        I guess that if someone can really be separated from their soul and suffer in EVERY life, then is the opposite also true? That a person who’s not too immoral wouldn’t be cheated out of their soul in the next lives over dumb mistakes like atheism or suicide due to depression?

        In short: Merely the dogma that people have no souls has brought up the SAME EXACT issues I had with Christianity. Is your “spiritual progress” not reincarnated with you? Just as Buddha reincarnated to help Buddhism and all Masters from the GWB had reincarnated as noble “good” people throughout history. I think the idea of being a Bodhisattva is that THEY can enter Nirvana ANYTIME, after ANY lifetime. But what about the people who aren’t ready for it? Do they keep their “progress” throughout the obstacles they’ll face in every new life?

        I like Theosophy overall but why must things like “avichi” exist, it ruins everything for me… A state where people with no souls will suffer forever, losing any chance of peace!?

        That it is possible and has probably happened is just scary and depressing.

        Thank you.

        P.s. Personally, I was materialistic before like plenty of people today, it’s just a mainstream “belief” we fall into because it seems reasonable – I fully denied materialism ONLY* after finding reasonable evidence to “believe”. Surely my soul would’ve suffered had I died back then. Buddhism has a story of a serial killer (Angulimala) who turned around completely in the very same lifetime, became “enlightened” – if it is not false then how can a serial killer still have a soul to redeem but Blavatsky says many people we meet are soulless!?

        As you can see, my only real complaint is with soullessness and eternal suffering (Avichi). This dogma is similar to “eternal Hell”, and many fundamentalist Christians say “for there to be eternal happiness in heaven, their must be eternal misery in hell”. I think that is awful!

        1. Thank you for your further comment and please excuse the delay in replying.

          You asked how you may “know I haven’t been separated from my soul or will lose it in a new life where I (unknowingly) make terrible decisions?”

          It is most likely safe to assume that if one is asking such questions and thinking with concern about such things, then one has not lost their soul; otherwise such matters would not be of interest, appeal, or concern, to them.

          None of us can know in advance what we may lose or gain in a subsequent lifetime. That is always up to us and the responsibility lies with us alone. However, if one is already endeavouring to live life consciously, harmlessly, responsibly, ethically, and spiritually, here and now, this positive impulse will be carried over to some degree into the next incarnation, and prove a help and aid to us then.

          There is no possibility of anyone ever being “cheated out of their soul.” The Law of Karma is perfect, impersonal, unfailing Justice and there is no way in which anyone could truly be cheated out of anything, let alone something as serious, sacred, and essential, as their very soul.

          When loss of the soul occurs, it is only as an unavoidable reaction to certain things. Based on what you are referring to, you have presumably read the article on this site titled “Loss of the Soul and Annihilation” at

          Please re-read it carefully and notice that the idea of “eternal suffering” is not found there at all and also that loss of the soul and Avitchi are not the same thing. As the article states:

          “The annihilation of the soul is something different than what we have been discussing so far. It is something about which even less is mentioned than the loss of the soul during life on Earth. It would seem that it applies only to the most extremely evil and depraved and is thus not too common an occurrence, we hope.”

          Generally speaking, the soul’s only suffering is during embodied life on Earth, when it has to meet and experience its own Karma, i.e. its self-created destiny, whatever form and in whatever areas of life and experience that may express itself. The after-death states are not of suffering, sorrow, or misery, for the vast majority.

          You ask why states like Avitchi must exist. Of course, none of us would WANT it to exist but if there is something required by Nature then it has to exist and we cannot change it. We can never expect Truth and the reality of things to be exactly the way we would like it to be. It can only be the way it is and it is up to us as to what we do with it.

          Please feel free to ask any further questions or make further comments which you may have. We are happy to offer assistance and clarification.

  6. Hi, i’d like to know your opinion on W. Q. Judge’s sucessor, Katherine Tingley. Especially if the books entitled “theosophical manuals” are reliable.

    1. Hello Heitor and thank you for your comment.

      Katherine Tingley was not the “Successor” of William Judge in an occult sense (like the “The Theosophical Society – Pasadena” and “The Theosophical Society – Point Loma” claim) although she was indeed the next international leader of the Society (that in 1895 had declared independence from the Adyar Society) that had been presided over by WQJ after he passed away.

      The “Occult Successorship” notion is dealt with in the article “The Point Loma & Pasadena “Successorship” Claim Exposed” at

      As for whether the “Theosophical Manuals” published under Tingley’s authority are reliable, we have not read all of them, but they most probably are, seeing as no real changes or alterations to the Theosophical teachings were introduced by that organisation until G. de Purucker became its Leader in 1929 upon Tingley’s death. But one will not find anything in those manuals which is not taught and explained by WQJ himself and HPB herself so it may make more sense to read and study their writings in as much depth as possible.

      But if you do read through the manuals and find them particularly helpful please let us know.

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