Beware of the Star Rishis

H.P. Blavatsky once made a seemingly obscure statement – a warning, in fact – which has puzzled and confused some Theosophists for over a century:

“Those who fall off from our living human Mahatmas to fall into the Saptarishi – the Star Rishis, are no Theosophists.”

The statement is found in one of her private letters and was published posthumously in the article “She Being Dead Yet Speaketh” which can be found in the first volume of the “H.P. Blavatsky Theosophical Articles” book series, published by Theosophy Company.

Some have speculated independently as to what this might mean. It’s obvious that the “living human Mahatmas” referred to are the Eastern Adepts or Masters connected with the Theosophical Movement and with HPB herself.

As she always emphasised and as those Masters of Wisdom themselves always emphasised in their own letters written to Theosophists, they are right here on the physical plane, in physical incarnation, because this is where they are needed.

Hence they are “living human Mahatmas” and not any type of “Ascended Masters,” which was a concept dreamed up and first popularised in the 1930s by the American con artist Guy Ballard, whose followers revere him today as the “Ascended Master Godfre Ray King.”

Those “Star Rishis” referred to by HPB are obviously something opposed to the genuine Masters and representing the antithesis of what those real Masters are all about. Hence those who allow themselves to fall away from the teaching and impulse of the real Masters and come under the influence of these other entities “are no Theosophists.”

William Quan Judge actually offered a further explanation of the matter in “The Vahan” for August 1892 when he wrote that “The Saptarishis as meant by H.P.B. are in a very advanced class of elementals, able sometimes to communicate with man, and by their apparent knowledge to make him suppose them to be high spiritual beings.”

So the Star Rishis are a very advanced group of elemental beings who pretend to be high spiritual beings and it is the case that they usually adopt very grand names, often relating to the stars or constellations or similar such things, in order to deceive, delude, and keep people’s attention away from Truth.

During the early days of the Theosophical Movement very few people could understand what HPB was talking about when that remark of hers about the Star Rishis was published. Today, however, we can see exactly what she was talking about.

The current craze or obsession in the New Age movement with supposed spiritual beings or channelled messages coming from Sirius or Orion or the Arcturians and the so-called “Galactic Federation of Light” depicts the nature and work of the Star Rishis very clearly.

Thousands upon thousands of people around the world sincerely believe themselves to be Arcturians or that they have come to Earth – as “starseeds” – from another Universe or that they are the chosen channel for “King Ra-Ra-Om of Andromeda” or an “Intergalactic Queen of the Crystal Kundalini Dimension” or other such nonsense, which more often than not involves a blasphemous desecration and misuse of sacred Eastern terms, the “Ashtar Command Crew” being another lurid example.

There are definite beings of an unsavoury nature behind all this fantasy and delusion and they seem intent on destroying the potential usefulness and real benefit that a good spiritual person could be to humanity by getting them ensnared in the deceptive realm of psychism which, once entered, is very difficult to break free from.

The New Age Movement is little more than a psychic cesspit and stands in the way of the dawning of a New Age for mankind more than almost anything else, as we have said previously in such articles as The Psychic is not the Spiritual, The Danger and Deception of Channelling, and The Whitewashing of Black Magic.

Those who have fallen under the sway of the Star Rishis tend to have no interest at all in knowing the actual facts about things, have no time for Esoteric Philosophy or Spiritual Science, dislike thinking and using their mind, and prefer to cast aside the Ancient and Ageless Wisdom in preference for science fiction type fantasies of archangels flying round the Universe in spaceships and Masters (often calling themselves by the names of the real Masters) going for picnics in the Milky Way.

There seems to be some strange element in human nature which is appealed to by such things. We have personally known some of these New Age channelling enthusiasts who have readily admitted that they prefer fantasy to reality and that the reason they prefer to give their attention to such things as the “Galactic Federation of Light” (“Astral Federation of Darkness” might be a more fitting name) is because they find it “more exciting” than the things that the actual Masters have written and taught.

Of course, who would want to study and apply the actual words of the Lord Buddha – which require concentration, self-discipline, and constant effort – when they can instead just go onto YouTube and listen to hundreds of the latest channelled messages attributed to Buddha, in some of which he may be speaking from his holiday home on Neptune or from a “special meeting of the Sacred Council of the Twelve Cosmic Overlords in the Seventh Ray spiral galaxy of Excelsior”?

This type of thing can be traced back in its origins to the books written by Alice Bailey, in which emphasis is placed on purported spiritual information regarding Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Great Bear, and has since reached the astoundingly ludicrous nature of today’s New Age jargon and buzzwords.

Yes, the “Star Rishis” are very busy today in their ongoing efforts to ensnare the minds of the multitudes and hinder the true work and progress of human evolution. We should have compassion for the people who get sucked into such things – many of whom are already mentally ill – but at the same time we must speak firmly, since humanity’s future will suffer because of all this dangerous nonsense.

Students of original and genuine Theosophy may be vastly in the minority today but they nevertheless heed the advice given by Robert Crosbie in “The Friendly Philosopher” – “The safe road is the one pointed out by the Messengers [i.e. H.P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge]: you remember H.P.B. said, “Beware of the path of the Star Rishis”.”

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4 thoughts on “Beware of the Star Rishis

  1. I’d like to share my experiences and everything that happened to me some years ago when I used to read channelled messages assumed to be from an “Ascended Master”. The purpose of this true story is to serve as a warning for others as well as to help clarifying the nature of these so-called channellings. I’m not an English speaker so excuse any grammatical mistake I may commit.
    Some unusual circumstances led me to fix my attention on a series of books that circulate on the Internet. It was a complete program with a female “channeller” writing a long text each month (sometimes there was a long delay between one and another). This was thought to be a total of seven books, each one of them with twelve long texts for each month of the year, ie seven years of mental programming. (I spent a total of four years of my life reading these books).
    The writing style couldn’t be more attractive: the “Ascended Master” just spoke to you in a very personal way. He seemed to be aware of all your efforts of the last years. Concepts were handled like “the law of attraction”, the “ascension of the earth” and many other misconceptions. Perhaps the most amazing of all was that the texts promised some interactivity between reader’s daily life and those messages and In fact I think that interactivity really existed.
    At first some synchronicities were produced, it was still something apparent but quite strong. On several occasions I detected this interactivity in a way that I consider more objective: I did not agree with those teachings, so I mentally raised the “Ascended Master” seven or eight very specific questions for he to answered me. And “voilà”, in the next long message there were the seven or eight answers, without having come in contact with the channeller, neither orally nor in writing.
    With what I know now, I think that usually the process of creating the texts consisted of the ideas and preferences of the channeller herself animated by elementals. But on a few occasions your questions were answered so precisely and with such degree of intelligence! that I think there was something more than an elemental involved in the process.
    Now, you can imagine what it means for a person to think that one has direct contact with a real Master. You end up just fully engaged and dependent. It took me a long time to realize that it all was a big mistake. And just when I was about to definitely leave this situation, It happened to me a synchrony so amazing and unquestionable (in the sense that those teachings were true) that made me doubt for some time more.
    I decided to go to see a doctor, and you can imagine what he might have thought about me with all this story. He was (and is) one of the best known psychiatrists in Spain. But somehow he realized that my mind was not entirely lost although I was terribly confused and damaged.
    He said that I could go on with my life as my job had not been affected, but that what was left in my life were those channellings.
    He was a follower of Jung (In a contrary way to Theosophy, by the way) and later he invited me to one of his talks. This did nothing but add more confusion in my mind because it was not what I wanted. From that day I never went back to the therapy. It was terrible that no one could understand what I needed! No one could help me!
    Just then I discovered “Blavatsky Theosophy” website. It was incredible, exactly what I needed! It rescued my spiritual life and mental balance. This is why I have shown my gratitude in some opportunities, perhaps in a little vehement way.
    I met other readers of these channellings that didn’t take them as seriously as I did, and so they weren’t so harmed. The downside is that they still keep reading channellings, so I guess sometimes it’s preferable a complete mistake rather than a halfway one in order to learn our lessons.
    Goodbye friends, and dare to challenge your own convictions as often as necessary!

    1. Cristina, what exactly did the alleged master say that caused you to doubt its authenticity?

    2. I too was taken in big time, I worked with them for seven years, as you say they can make it personal, so many things happen to prove they were guiding me, I finally broke free, but the deep pain is hard, I too had no one to talk to, only the channelers they guided to me who still believe in them, I love these people, so it has been very hard.

  2. These lessons seem most valuable and raise questions of relevance and interest…

    * Where does channelling take those practicing it – lead up or down in integrity and individual virtue and discernment?

    * Are the usual circumstances connected with material influences, such as money, control or sensuality?

    These create separateness and division that leads away from the good and ancient “Perennial Path”… that is as feared and shunned by the priesthoods as much as by the dabblers and the lazily curious.

    The Wisdom of the Ages gives citations for those who come into contact with channelling and mediums and wish to know about them.

    Some more ideas were posted in the Original Theosophy FaceBook group recently “THE STAR RISHIS – A COMPILATION ON AN OBSCURE SUBJECT” – they included this one:

    “. . . there are two classes of beings able to influence mankind at large: the one being the “living human Mahatmas,” and the other the non-human beings, who, though not strictly in our stream of evolution, can and sometimes do affect certain human beings. For the purposes of this answer – but not at all as a full description – the Saptarishis, as meant by H.P.B., are in a very advanced class of elementals, able sometimes to communicate with man, and by their apparent knowledge to make him suppose them to be high spiritual beings regularly evolved from the human stage. But, in fact, they are not human spirits, but of the same character as some of the Devas of the Hindus, and only by accident, as it were, work to the real benefit of the race. That is to say, by communicating with them one is deflected from the normal line of human development. In some cases they have influenced certain mediums, who, being deluded, or rather dazzled, by the extraordinary experiences passed through, do not lean to the human side of spiritual evolution. On the other hand, the “living human Mahatmas” form the direct link with the human spirits of all degrees, who have charge of human spiritual evolution.”

    by William Q. Judge from his “Questions and Answers” available at

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