“These two doctrines are what the world most needs…”


Tuesday 20th January 2015

“While the word “reincarnation” is in very general use these days,Robert Crosbie, United Lodge of Theosophists having filtered into the public mind from Theosophic teachings, there still exists a lamentable ignorance in regard to its scope and meaning. A very common idea is that the “personality” reincarnates, but there could hardly be a more unphilosophical, illogical and obviously incorrect one. Some spiritualists, dogmatic Christians, and even minds of a materialistic bent have adopted the word and given it their own peculiar applications, so that when one of these says “I believe in reincarnation”, little or no knowledge of “What reincarnates” is most likely to be found. The world therefore needs students who learn correctly and apply their knowledge, so that in time by their numbers and knowledge, the true understanding may filter through to those less learned. We are students, it is true, but from the very first we can and should be teachers to those who know still less than we do; we can tell what we know, but we should be very careful that we are so well informed that we will not convey false impressions. Chapters VIII, IX, and X, are devoted to Reincarnation, and Chapter XI, to Karma; these two doctrines are what the world most needs and we as students should devote ourselves to a full understanding of them for the sake of others, as well as our own understanding and progress.”

– Robert Crosbie, Answers to Questions on The Ocean of Theosophy, p. 101-102 

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  1. One must simply have a holistic awareness, tacit care, cosmic intelligence in order to be responsible of the chain of causes and effects of the information passed on. The global mind and its pool of Information has been infected with misinformation from millenia … the misinformation , ignorance generates chaos… intelligent information generates a natural flowing order, harmony, balance …

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