“It is not the birthday of Jesus Christ…”


Tuesday 24th December 2013

“It would be a distinct advantage to the Cause of Truth, of the Wisdom of all Prophets, if the story of the origin and development of the Christian festival were to be known by all. The Church Fathers of the fourth century proclaimed the 25th of December as the day for celebrating this festival. It is not the birthday of Jesus Christ, but the very ancient Festival of the Winter Solstice, observed by the entire pagan world. The psychical and spiritual aspects of the seasons, and therefore of the Winter Solstice, were known to the Sages of every civilization. The festival was meant to bring to the mind of the masses the fact that the world of the Psyche and of the Nous affected the Psyche and the Nous in man. The early Church Fathers rightly took advantage of the ancient knowledge, but their successors wrongly interpreted it and made it sectarian.

“Esoterically the Sun stands for the Christos. One grand function of this Divine Power is to hold forth the Light of Hope, centred in its manifestation in the mortal world as the Great Sacrifice. Therefore in the Jewish-Christian tradition It represents the Messiah. That Macrocosmic truth has a Microcosmic, or human, psychological and mystical aspect. The realization of the Divine Presence and seeking Its aid in the daily routine of life must begin one day for every man: it is his real Winter Solstice. Cosmically, in the evolutionary process, in accordance with cyclic law, Divinity manifests as Divine Men. We know them as Avataras or Divine Incarnations. When a man manifests his innate Divinity, having found it in his “inner man” as Paul taught, then verily has he become spiritually awakened, and is nearing his Second Birth.

“Many are the living Dead in our civilization. Steeped in delusion born of ignorance, men pass from death to death. They live for the gratification of their lusts and appetites; and their minds are covered over with false knowledge, with muck and filth. Mind-cleansing brings about the death of sin and sinful tendencies. The final death of the lower man brings to birth the Higher Man. This is the individual’s Second Birth, leading to Adeptship.

“Let us, this coming Christmas, resolve to so live our life that we experience a series of births, awake to new realities. Let us purify our hearts, and the Wisdom of the Christos will radiate its Light.”

— B.P. Wadia, Thus Have I Heard, p. 106-107

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