The True Nature of Jehovah

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8 thoughts on “The True Nature of Jehovah

  1. I would have to agree about the mixed dualistic nature of the God of the Old Testament, having done my own reseaching using both the standard biblical text along with history. For years I did a lot of apologetics stuff, trying to find a resolution to the contradictions of God’s nature as presented in the KJ bible. It seemed to me like God was a being of dual nature many times. This, to me, felt contradictory, until I realized the same thing as what she speaks of regarding the mixing of the biblical texts to create a purposeful congnitive confusion.

    When we are lead into religious cognitive confusions, like circular reasoning, and then told by clergy that our minds are not able to ‘sort it out’ because our minds are useless in understanding God, then we have no basis upon which to determine anything! Sure Spirit is supreme, yet the faculties of Mind and Spirit together working in harmony, seem to bring a higher conscious awareness. Otherwise, an ordinarily intelligent individual can be lead into mind traps which distort its ability to fully activate this Divinely given faculty, and thus sort what is real and true from what is not.

  2. We as Catholics do not call God Jehovah, Gods name is actually “I am who I am” humans can’t pronounce His name, we focus on a good loving God and the name Jehovah is no where in our bible. I just got in a huge fight with a Jehovah witness about my opinion that Jehovah is a evil entity. We still use the Old Testament but only things that are reiterated in the New Testament, so we don’t focus on the Old Testament much. Much more the New Testament and the divinity of Jesus. We believe in the Trinity, God=Father +Son (Jesus)+Holy Spirit.

  3. I make research about idolatry as I try to serve god or for me the creator fo all things and all people…and the warnings of jews abotu idolatry and even carving an image of any living creature makes a man destroyed in his lifetime and afterlife denied.
    jews in ancient laws of israel say the idolaters must be put to death…it means jews have to overkill all mankind religions. they have to kill all other billions of people and stay alone in israel with Jehova. amalek says the zohar, is the mind not an actual people…they find esoteric meaning to the wars of israel…liek the wars of the aztecs huitzilopochtli agaisnt the 400 surianos…is alegorical as the pahros wars..its agaisnt the psychological defects inside of man…amalek is MIND EGOES…
    but yes I ve heard rabbis today say that you love they neighboor as yourself is only jews…not gentiles. you cant speak evil tongue of another jew…but you can of a gentile…you cant steal a jew but you can a gentile in certain conditions etc etc…
    my question is and still cant answer…all the ancient cults of the golden age, maya egyptians hindous etc had a pantehon of many deities and one god who rues them all…jews have one deity only who claims to be the creator and hates all other deities and fobid his followers to worship them too…sounds like a jealous god.
    who sright? GOD of israel who warns us not to follow any man, any lower being than can mislead us? or the worship of many entities and the creator of all too? any insight of bloggers will be heard…thanks

    1. David, you asked: “who’s right? GOD of israel who warns us not to follow any man, any lower being than can mislead us? or the worship of many entities and the creator of all too?”

      Theosophy explains that neither of these two options or perspectives is right. To further explain why, we would encourage you to read two articles on this site which attempt to present in as simple language as possible what Theosophy has to say about “God”:

      * “The “God” Question” –

      * “The Impersonal Divine” –

      Thank you for your comment and contributions.

  4. Thank you once again, this helped me to understand my confusion between the Old Testament and the new, now I know why my priest told me to read the New Testament, ( I went back to my Catholic Church after 50 years away, after my disillusionment with New Age and my doubts about my ‘spirit guides’ ) but that only lasted five months, a Jesuit Priest visited the church and I had many questions, I didn’t like his answers, sigh it has been a hard road that I am on. But at least thanks to your site I have managed to know the difference between Blavatsky’s teachings and Alice Bailey’s .

    1. To know that difference is a very valuable thing and we’re very grateful to be able to help people become aware of such matters and distinctions. Thanks again for your comments!

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