“Meat eating is full of dangers…”


Saturday 24th January 2015

Bright Vegetables and Fruit

“Vegetables have properties which are not fully known, and if certain undiscovered (to the general world) vegetables were prepared and eaten in a certain way, there is no reason why they should not give even more strength than animal food. Meat eating is full of dangers, not only psychological but even physical; and the law which teaches the spread of contagion ought to have made this fact evident. How many diseases are inherent in an organized body and yet remain unsuspected? Vegetable diet is not attended with so many dangerous results.”

– Damodar K. Mavalankar, quoted from Damodar and the Pioneers of the Theosophical Movement, p. 363 

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  1. I am happy with good subject in this news letter. I am vegetarian and always try to make my friends to be vegetarian. I wonder to know that our T. literature includes good coverage regarding the vegetarianism. conventions and study classes should take this subject as their theme. Yours sincerely G. Murali dhar

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