“The true practice of Yoga…”


Thursday 27th February 2014

“The only method of Yoga that I would give a snap for is that found inWilliam Quan Judge Patanjali’s Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita. True Yoga is not autohypnotization. The true practice of yoga begins by purifying the heart; its perfection is not attainable until the personal idea is completely uprooted.  Obviously this takes more than one incarnation. You have in you the Self all powerful and omniscient. It cannot act because the lower self hinders it. The hindrances must be got rid of. The way to do it is in Patanjali and Bhag. G. It is a long, hard and awful road – with peace at the end. All other roads lead to death. But students must measure the task and not take what they cannot do.”

— William Q. Judge, Letter to Dr A. F. James

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