“The true practice of Yoga…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Thursday 27th February 2014 “The only method of Yoga that I would give a snap for is that found in Patanjali’s Yoga and the Bhagavad Gita. True Yoga is not autohypnotization. The true practice of yoga begins by purifying the heart; its perfection is not attainable until the personal idea is completely uprooted. ¬†Obviously this takes more than one incarnation. You have … Continue reading “The true practice of Yoga…”

“It is only then that the Union with the Higher Self can take place…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Tuesday 3rd September 2013 “The “Master” in the Sanctuary of our souls is “the Higher Self” – the divine spirit whose consciousness is based upon and derived solely (at any rate during the mortal life of the man in whom it is captive) from the Mind, which we have agreed to call the Human Soul (the “Spiritual Soul” being the vehicle of … Continue reading “It is only then that the Union with the Higher Self can take place…”

“Thought is dynamic…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Saturday 20th July 2013 “The first step in Occultism is to “adapt your thoughts to your plastic potency.” It is an epitome of the science of Thought. The many persons – and their number grows daily greater – who desire to study “practical” Occultism would do well to approach it by this, the only safe gate. What is now called “practical occultism” … Continue reading “Thought is dynamic…”

“True Theosophy is the Great Renunciation of SELF…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Sunday 2nd June 2013 “Let him aspire to no higher than he feels able to accomplish. Let him not take a burden upon himself too heavy for him to carry. Without ever becoming a “Mahatma,” a Buddha, or a Great Saint, let him study the philosophy and the “Science of Soul,” and he can become one of the modest benefactors of humanity, … Continue reading “True Theosophy is the Great Renunciation of SELF…”