“Thought is dynamic…”


Saturday 20th July 2013

“The first step in Occultism is to “adapt your thoughts to your plastic potency.” It is an epitome of the science of Thought. The many persons – and their number grows daily greater – who desire to study “practical” Occultism would do well to approach it by this, the only safe gate. What is now called “practical occultism” is an incidental to the journey along the Path. We admit the existence of hidden, powerful forces in Nature. Astral body formation, clairvoyance, looking into the astral light, and controlling elementals, is all possible, but not all profitable. In our view the attainment of true Wisdom is not by means of phenomena, but through the development which begins within. Everyone can understand right thought, right speech, right action. The very first step is to try to apprehend the meaning of Universal Brotherhood, without which the very highest progress in the practice of occultism turns to ashes in the mouth.

“It is not sufficiently well understood that every one of those energic emissions or processes which we call “a thought” does mold the subtle matter of the ether into etheric form. Such forms are held together by the formative power or plastic potency of the soul substance, just so long as the thought energy inheres in them. The more intense the thought – or the greater the thought tension, to put it differently – the longer does the etheric form cohere as such. The energic pictures thus formed by the mental action of men are sensed by the Inner Man of each. Sometimes, even, the vibration thus sensed gets impressed upon the brain centers and enters the lower consciousness by avenues of which we have now but a feeble idea. The pictures inhere in the mental sphere of each of us, and the sphere is dense, turbid, contractive, or shows all the brightness of the higher vibration, according to the nature of these thought forms, which not only act outwardly, but also react upon their creators.

“The importance of regulating our thoughts, in view of the plastic potency of the soul and its imaginative power, hence becomes apparent. As thought is dynamic, these pictures – often themselves an agglomeration of lives, for the atomic substance of the ether is, every atom of it, a life – these pictures are felt far and wide. It has frequently been said that a man could be shut between prison walls, and could yet work for Humanity, by the simple means of right thinking.”

— William Quan Judge, Occultism

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