“There is a bright side to life…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Sunday 23rd February 2014 “When one stops to think, to weigh, and to consider what is one’s duty, or which of many duties should be performed first, it is indeed perplexing and difficult to know what to do. But if you will do just what lies before you without thinking about all the other things, and without troubling your mind about all … Continue reading “There is a bright side to life…”

“Each and every event will bear for you a deep significance…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Saturday 28th December 2013 “If you desire to labor for the good of the world, it will be unwise for you to strive to include it all at once in your efforts. If you can help elevate or teach but one soul – that is a good beginning, and more than is given to many. “Fear nothing that is in Nature and … Continue reading “Each and every event will bear for you a deep significance…”

“Capital punishment is both useless and injurious…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Friday 27th September 2013 “Capital punishment is both useless and injurious. It is as great an injustice to the world of beings left unexecuted as to the one so violently sent out of life. They used to kill men in England for stealing a ten-penny nail or a loaf of bread, but thieves and thieving did not lessen. Murders have not decreased. … Continue reading “Capital punishment is both useless and injurious…”

“The apes were produced by man himself…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Sunday 1st September 2013 “The burning question of the anthropoid apes as related to man is settled by the Masters of Wisdom, who say that instead of those being our progenitors they were produced by man himself. In one of the early periods of the globe the men of that time begot from large females of the animal kingdom the anthropoids, and … Continue reading “The apes were produced by man himself…”

“The divisions of the sevenfold universe…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Monday 29th July 2013 “The universe evolves from the unknown, into which no man or mind, however high, can inquire, on seven planes or in seven ways or methods in all worlds, and this sevenfold differentiation causes all the worlds of the universe and the beings thereon to have a septenary constitution. As was taught of old, the little worlds and the … Continue reading “The divisions of the sevenfold universe…”

“Thought is dynamic…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Saturday 20th July 2013 “The first step in Occultism is to “adapt your thoughts to your plastic potency.” It is an epitome of the science of Thought. The many persons – and their number grows daily greater – who desire to study “practical” Occultism would do well to approach it by this, the only safe gate. What is now called “practical occultism” … Continue reading “Thought is dynamic…”

“There are not many spirits but solely one spirit…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Friday 5th July 2013 “Spirit is universal, indivisible, and common to all. In other words, there are not many spirits, one for each man, but solely one spirit which shines upon all men alike, finding as many souls – roughly speaking – as there are beings in the world. In man the spirit has a more complete instrument or assemblage of tools … Continue reading “There are not many spirits but solely one spirit…”

“The mystery of the moon…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Sunday 30th June 2013 “Modern Theosophy, coming on the field as the uniter of all religions by explaining the symbols and traditions of each, is not exempt from the mystery of the moon. H.P. Blavatsky is our sole originator of a theory regarding the satellite which one could not have invented with the most wonderful imagination. She says her teachers told her, … Continue reading “The mystery of the moon…”