“Each and every event will bear for you a deep significance…”


Saturday 28th December 2013

“If you desire to labor for the good of the world, it will be unwise for you to strive to include it all at once in your efforts. If you can help elevate or teach but one soul – that is a good beginning, and more than is given to many.

“Fear nothing that is in Nature and visible. Dread no influence exerted by sect, faith, or society. Each and every one of them originated upon the same basis – Truth, or a portion of it at least. You may not assume that you have a greater share than they, it being needful only that you find all the truth each one possesses. You are at war with none. It is peace you are seeking, therefore it is best that the good in everything is found. For this brings peace.

“It has been written that he who lives the Life shall know the doctrine. Few there be who realize the significance of The Life.

“It is not by intellectually philosophizing upon it, until reason ceases to solve the problem, nor by listening in ecstatic delight to the ravings of an Elemental clothed – whose hallucinations are but the offspring of the Astral – that the life is realized. Nor will it be realized by the accounts of the experiences of other students. For there be some who will not realize Divine Truth itself, when written, unless it be properly punctuated or expressed in flowery flowing words.

“Remember this: that as you live your life each day with an uplifted purpose and unselfish desire, each and every event will bear for you a deep significance – an occult meaning – and as you learn their import, so do you fit yourself for higher work.”

— William Q. Judge, Musings on the True Theosophist’s Path

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