“The Road to the Masters is the Road of Purity…”


Thursday 22nd January 2015

“All that is necessary is to draw the attention of the student to theB.P. Wadia fact that H.P.B. was a Messenger of the Great Lodge, the Occult Fraternity, and that she wrote the book [i.e. “The Secret Doctrine”] in the company, under the guidance and with the co-operation of the Great Masters. Every group endeavouring to study the book should earnestly and seriously attempt to contact the life of the Real Authors, H.P.B. and her Collaborators.

“The Masters live, and we should try with zeal and devotion to make Them real in our lives. Nothing helps the honest student in this task more than the right study of The Secret Doctrine. Masters can not be found by practice of psychic tricks and by dubious contacts with astralism. They can only be found by meditation and study, by intellectual honesty, by sincerity of purpose, and above all by the uttermost purity of life.

“True Occultism, whose Teachings are expounded in The Secret Doctrine, does not recognize direct or indirect, conscious or unconscious contacting of forces which are not of white or beneficent magic. It demands rigid self-discipline of life, the complete subdual of our selfish and animal propensities, the unequivocal denial to countenance in ourselves or in others any non-pure or non-moral aspects of life, much less of impure or immoral ones. The Road to the Masters is the Road of Purity – all other roads are false. Therefore it is essential that members of The Secret Doctrine study groups should pursue devoutly the Life of Purity. Not only is individual study necessary, but the students, to obtain real results, should earnestly, zealously, and devotedly attempt to live the necessary life of Purity, of Self-Abnegation and of Brotherliness. Let the student bring to his study class pure and upright forces of life chastened intelligence and real desire to learn the Living Truth of the Masters of Life. With a single eye fixed upon the Lords of Light and Love, with humility but with sure confidence let him go forward, steadfast and persistent, until he passes from the Great Book to the Living Reality behind it.”

– B.P. Wadia, Some Observations on the Study of The Secret Doctrine, p. 22-23 

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