“The White Lodge dare not give out more than humanity can put to use…”


Friday 14th February 2014

“If it is true that H.P.B. was the Direct Agent of the Lodge – and this is explicitly stated to be the fact by the Master K.H., however Col. Olcott, Mrs. Besant or others, may twist and interpret H.P.B. and Her teachings – then we must go to the records left by Her and Her Colleague, W.Q. Judge, for direction in all matters pertaining to the Theosophical Movement, regardless of the “opinions” of “old Theosophist” or any other student. For to do otherwise would be equivalent to saying that those Great Beings, the real Founders of the Movement, had left no guidance for the generations to come, and that humanity was left the prey to any and all claimants that may arise.

“But it is not true that humanity has been left a prey to mistaken or designing persons; the records left by the Messengers are a sure, consistent guide, and if they are well studied and applied, will show a straight, even and self-evident Path. It is lack of study that leaves so many in ignorance, and ready to pursue every will-o’-the-wisp they see. You will also find that those who rely upon such statements and opinions are the most dogmatic and certain in their assurance. Those who point to facts and records, with basic principles to rely on, are not troubled by all these “opinions,” by whomsoever expressed.

“There is another thing that sincere students of H.P.B. have to bear in mind, even if they do not speak much about it. It has been stated by both H.P.B. and W.Q.J., and also by the Master K.H. in his letters to Mr. Sinnett, that every effort by the White Lodge opens a door to the Black Magicians – those whose very existence depends upon keeping humanity where it is, in a state of ignorance, bewilderment, and running after false gods and those who cry lo here, and lo there. In this statement we ought to see why the White Lodge dare not give out more than humanity can put to use. …

“The Dark Ones could not destroy or pervert all the efforts of the White Lodge, but they could, did, and do minimize and corrupt them. In a consideration of all this may be found the explanation of many things that might otherwise be a puzzle. All those who do not follow the lines laid down by the Messengers are certain to be misled. Yet the way is clear; the pity of it is that otherwise sincere and devoted persons will not heed the warnings given; will not study, think, and apply what was recorded for them and their guidance.”

— Robert Crosbie, The Friendly Philosopher, p. 34-36

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