“The White Lodge dare not give out more than humanity can put to use…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Friday 14th February 2014 “If it is true that H.P.B. was the Direct Agent of the Lodge – and this is explicitly stated to be the fact by the Master K.H., however Col. Olcott, Mrs. Besant or others, may twist and interpret H.P.B. and Her teachings – then we must go to the records left by Her and Her Colleague, W.Q. Judge, … Continue reading “The White Lodge dare not give out more than humanity can put to use…”

“An entirely different view of life…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Friday 27th December 2013 “Knowing something as to our essential nature, knowing something of the purpose of life, and that life is all made up of learning, knowing that the universe is all alive, and that there is in reality no injustice save that which we inflict upon ourselves by re-action, we would take an entirely different view of life and put … Continue reading “An entirely different view of life…”

“In the midst of a great and silent evolution…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Thursday 19th September 2013 “The One Self appears only to be divided among the creatures; in reality, It is not divided at all. Each being is That in his essential nature. In It is the foundation of all power; in It lies the power of unfolding, of evolution, which makes possible for each being – representing one ray of that One Life … Continue reading “In the midst of a great and silent evolution…”

“Concentrate the mind upon the Masters as ideals and facts…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Monday 22nd July 2013 “You may remember that in The Voice of the Silence there are two doctrines mentioned. The Doctrine of the Eye is that of the brain consciousness, composed largely of external impressions. The Doctrine of the Heart is of the spiritual consciousness of the Ego – not perceived by the brain consciousness until right thought, and right action which … Continue reading “Concentrate the mind upon the Masters as ideals and facts…”

“Pure and true concentration…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Wednesday 17th July 2013 “Concentration, or the use of the attention in the direction of anything that we wish to do, consistently and persistently, has long been recognized as the most effective means of arriving at the full expression of our powers and energies. The ancients called the power to focus the attention upon a subject or object for as long a … Continue reading “Pure and true concentration…”

“Man must save himself…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Saturday 29th June 2013 “There is no doubt that the principles enunciated by Jesus of Nazareth would make the world a better and a happier one, but who among all the people follows them in his daily life or in his dealings with his fellow-men; we profess “belief” in those principles and promulgated ethics and daily and hourly contravene them; of what … Continue reading “Man must save himself…”

“There is never any need to desire…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Monday 10th June 2013 “Desire … with regard to the personality, is the cause of all sin, sorrow, and suffering. Such desire is based on selfish thought; it is not what others desire; it heeds not any other urge than its own. The unfulfilled desires, it is, that hurt us; yet do the fulfilled desires give us happiness? Never, for so soon … Continue reading “There is never any need to desire…”