“Man must save himself…”


Saturday 29th June 2013

“There is no doubt that the principles enunciated by Jesus of Nazareth would make the world a better and a happier one, but who among all the people follows them in his daily life or in his dealings with his fellow-men; we profess “belief” in those principles and promulgated ethics and daily and hourly contravene them; of what avail is our religion or our belief, if we do not live it? Ancient history affords us examples of the same principles and ethics promulgated by divine incarnations in the ages gone by, but the people of those times professed acceptance of the teachings and following the path of materialism went down to extinction. Unless we change our ideas of life, and live according to the eternal verities, our Western nations with their materialistic civilizations will die out and disappear.”

” ‘The Eternal Verities’  are based upon the Spiritual nature of Man; his evolution under Spiritual Law from the lowest form of intelligence to the highest; that the Law is inherent in each being and that each reaps what he sows without possibility of evasion; that physical existence is the lowest and least permanent of all the forms and is conditioned by Man himself in accordance with his recognition or denial of his Spiritual and Moral nature as the true basis of all life.”

“… Man must save himself; no one, however high in intelligence and spiritual power, can do it for him. He must learn and exercise his Spiritual perceptions and powers and make the material expression of them conform to that Spiritual nature. In fact, he will have to learn even if through untold lives he brings upon himself inexpressible suffering; for when he has suffered enough he will see the error of his ways, and then, perhaps through many lives, make restitution for wrongs done, or duties left undone.”

— Robert Crosbie, Answers to Questions on The Ocean of Theosophy, p.133-134

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