“The Law which is Deity…”


Wednesday 14th January 2015

“The God of modern science and philosophy hovers between theB.P. Wadia unknown and the “unknowable.” One great service science has already rendered to the cause of Truth, viz., it has ushered in the reign of Law in the domain of belief and knowledge. It has destroyed the notion of a lawless universe and has demonstrated the supremacy of Law which works everywhere and always. Modern knowledge is not in a position to define, describe or expound the nature of that Law which is at once the Deity and the Universe – for the two are one. It is not in a position to do so because it deals mainly with one of the aspects, the material universe, and is therefore contacting the effect side of the Law. When it emphasizes the research of Living Forms and Conscious Intelligences instead of forms of life and modes of motion it will touch the causal aspect of the Law which is Deity, universal, impersonal, ever-Becoming, rooted in Be-ness and the basis and playground for the birth and death of all Beings – atoms or gods or intelligences.

“Meanwhile it falls to the lot of Theosophy to enlighten our generation on the subject of God, and this the Fundamental Propositions of The Secret Doctrine do. There is no Personal God anywhere and that is why there is no miracle anywhere. Having indicated what God is not, let us resolve to discard this word which through its usage has become a source of great confusion and a pitfall for the unwary whose name is legion. Let us substitute the word Deity; therefore it is of Deity that the First Fundamental Proposition speaks.”

– B.P. Wadia, Studies in “The Secret Doctrine”, p. 91-92

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