“Improve yourself intellectually while developing your intuitions…”


Saturday 17th January 2015

Coloured Smoke

“Do not feel so dejected, my poor boy, no need for that. As Mr Sinnett rightly says in his Esoteric Buddhism, the higher spiritual progress must be accompanied by intellectual development on a parallel line. You have now the best opportunities for doing that where you are working. For your devotion and unselfish labour, you are receiving help, silent tho’ it be. Your time is not yet come. When it does, it shall be communicated to you. Till then make the best of the present favourable opportunity to improve yourself intellectually while developing your intuitions. Remember that no effort is ever lost and that for an occultist there is no past, present or future, but ever an Eternal Now. Blessings. K.H.

– Master K.H.

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