“Boundless, infinite, and unconditioned…”


Friday 16th January 2015

“En-Soph, the unrevealed forever, who is boundless andH.P. Blavatsky unconditioned, cannot create, and therefore it seems to us a great error to attribute to him a “creative thought,” as is commonly done by the interpreters. In every cosmogony this supreme Essence is passive; if boundless, infinite, and unconditioned, it can have no thought nor idea. It acts not as the result of volition, but in obedience to its own nature, and according to the fatality of the law of which it is itself the embodiment. Thus, with the Hebrew kabalists, En-Soph is non-existent, for it is incomprehensible to our finite intellects, and therefore cannot exist to our minds. Its first emanation was Sephira, the crown. When the time for an active period had come, then was produced a natural expansion of this Divine essence from within outwardly, obedient to eternal and immutable law; and from this eternal and infinite light (which to us is darkness) was emitted a spiritual substance. This was the first Sephiroth, containing in herself the other nine Sephiroth, or Intelligences. In their totality and unity they represent the archetypal man, Adam Kadmon, the protogonos, who in his individuality or unity is yet dual, or bisexual, the Greek Didumos, for he is the prototype of all humanity.”

– H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, Vol. 2, p. 212-213

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