Golden Keys to The Secret Doctrine

"The Secret Doctrine" Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis


Based on pages 272-282 of Vol. 1 of The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky

#1. The Secret Doctrine – the Esoteric Doctrine itself – is the accumulated, tried, tested, and proven Wisdom of the Ages.

#2. Its fundamental Law is the ONE absolute, infinite, impersonal, omnipresent Divine Principle.

#3. The Universe is the periodical (cyclic) manifestation of this Principle.

#4. The Universe and everything in it is “Maya” – illusion – not in the sense of being non-existent but in the sense of it all being so temporary, impermanent, finite, and ever-changing, when compared with the changeless, eternal, immutable Divine Principle.

#5. Absolutely everything in the Universe is conscious, having its own form of consciousness on its own plane of perception.

#6. The Universe is guided, controlled, and animated from within outwards by an almost endless series of Hierarchies of spiritual and divine beings.

#7. The Secret Doctrine is not an atheistic Teaching, since it believes in the One Infinite Divine Life, but it rejects and denies the existence of any anthropomorphic or personal “God.”

#8. The actual construction of the Universe is performed by those extremely varied Hierarchies of intelligent Powers and Forces, who bring the Ideation of the Universal Mind into manifestation.

#9. No spiritual entity or divine being is entitled to our worship or adoration; our silent and worshipful reverence ought to be for the One Divine Principle alone…the Causeless Cause and Rootless Root.

#10. Spirit and Matter are co-eternal, in the sense of subjective unconditioned Root-Matter which becomes the vehicle for the manifestation of Spirit.

#11. The transcendental Reality believed in by Esotericists is the infinite and eternal ENERGY, from which all things proceed, in which all things exist, and into which all is eventually reabsorbed and reunited.

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3 thoughts on “Golden Keys to The Secret Doctrine

  1. So because the infinite, unified nature of Spirit means that it cannot be divided or multiplied, nor added to or subtracted from, it requires the co-eternal existence of root-matter in order to use such root-matter as the vehicle by which it can manifest to produce differentiated being? Is this correct? And is this what the Emerald Tablet (Tabula Smaragdina) means by “and as all things have been arose from One by the mediation of One; so all things have their birth from this One by adaptation” (through the vehicle of root-matter)?

      1. Thank you for the reply! I actually have read The Secret Doctrine a couple of years ago, and although I benefitted greatly from it, there was quite a large terminology barrier and no doubt a lack of wisdom in myself that made me miss a lot of things. This is why I am so grateful to have found your site, as it puts many of the concepts contained therein into accessible and easy to understand models. I’m positive The Secret Doctrine is one of those works that needs to be read many, many times in order to unlock the treasures contained within it. Thank you again, I very much appreciate the site and will strive hard to put the knowledge it provides to great use : )

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