The Ignorance and Conceit of Modern Science

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“We have a too long period, full of the most ludicrous mistakes made by Science, to warrant our believing in modern scientific assumptions.” – H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

“Modern science, powerless to satisfy the aspirations of the race, makes the future a void, and bereaves man of hope. In one sense, it is like the Baital Pachisi, the Hindu vampire of popular fancy, which lives in dead bodies, and feeds but on the rottenness of matter.” – H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled

“With the exception of a few problems from the domain of purely physical science, both the premises and conclusions of the men of Science are as hypothetical as they are almost invariably erroneous. And if they do not so appear to the profane, the reason is simply this: the said profane is very little aware, taking as he does his scientific data on faith, that both premises and conclusions are generally the product of the same brains, which, however learned, are not infallible; a truism demonstrated daily by the shifting and re-shifting of scientific theories and speculations.”

“The divergence of scientific opinions is so great that no reliance can ever be placed upon scientific speculation.” – H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

The ignorance and conceit of the vast majority of today’s scientists is truly appalling. According to the “esteemed” men of science who participated in a debate titled “Is faith compatible with reason?” on an episode of BBC1’s “The Big Questions” earlier in 2013, science proves that all spiritual beliefs are mere nonsense and delusion and that thus faith and reason are totally incompatible with one another.

The debaters on the other side, who attempted to show that there can be such a thing as reasonable and rational spirituality and that trusting in science is largely just a matter of faith too, were invariably shouted down by the scientists and accused of using “avoidance tactics” and being “emotionally driven victims of self-delusion.”

Apparently no-one is allowed to voice their opinion anymore unless that opinion tallies with the views of these ever flippant and incredulous materialists.

H.P. Blavatsky pointed out in “The Key to Theosophy” that there are two kinds of faith: blind faith and reasoned faith. Blind faith is based on ignorance and unquestioning subservience to theological authority whereas reasoned faith is based on solid spiritual knowledge and full and open-minded research and investigation into facts.

Science cannot prove that soul and spirit exist but unless it can prove that they do not exist then it is just indulging in ignorance and arrogance with its materialistic assertions.

For a scientist to say, “We have never been able to find anything whatsoever supporting the idea of metaphysics or of God” and thus implying that such things must therefore be nonexistent is to suppose that that which is well known to be non-material and above and beyond the physical can somehow be located and dissected with physical and material instruments and investigations. Material means can obviously never discover that which is purely immaterial.

The majority of scientists also seem thoroughly ignorant of any type of spiritual belief or concept other than traditional Christianity. According to one of them, the fact that “science has never yet proven or found even a trace of a big Man up in the sky” is sufficient evidence to deny the existence of Deity and sufficient reason for us all to become atheists.

The supposedly learned gentleman is obviously unaware that such crude and anthropomorphic notions of God are the hallmark solely of the Abrahamic religions whereas many of the Indic religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and esoteric Hinduism are thoroughly nontheistic and deny the existence of THAT type of Deity just as fervently as the scientists do.

They are also ignorant of the fact that evolution has been taught in the Indian spiritual philosophies for thousands of years and seem to hold the notion that no-one had ever conceived of such an idea as evolution until Charles Darwin.

A retired physicist, an atheist himself, reliably informed us that very few of today’s scientists have even a basic knowledge of history, philosophy, or religion; a fact that he considered most lamentable. It would seem that all they care about or give any credence to is science itself. Even the history of science is dismissed, although this is no doubt partly due to the many embarrassing facts it would reveal, in showing the utterly untrustworthy and unreliable nature of science and how it changes its tune about everything every few decades or so…thus proving that really it knows nothing and can prove nothing.

Science has at one time accepted all that it now denies and denied all that it now accepts. Who can trust science?

“The science of today is the ignorance of tomorrow,” as HPB once remarked.

It has always been the case that the unthinking masses follow whoever raises their voice the loudest and whoever presents their views with the most forceful emphasis. Until only a very few centuries ago it was the Christian Church they blindly followed; ostracising, shouting down, and condemning anyone who had the guts to question or disagree with their religious overlords. Today it is the scientists they blindly and unquestioningly follow; ridiculing, shouting down, and denouncing as deluded, stupid, or insane anyone who dares to hold to any views or opinions other than those proclaimed by the atheistic overlords.

The scientists are often as prejudiced and bigoted as the religious fundamentalists. At the start of her first book “Isis Unveiled” – which bears the subtitle of “A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology” – H.P. Blavatsky wrote, “Our voice is raised for spiritual freedom, and our plea made for enfranchisement from all tyranny, whether of SCIENCE or THEOLOGY.”

We should add that Theosophists are not against science per se but rather that we are against the ignorance, impudence, and – worst of all – the brutal soul-paralysing materialism, with which modern science is so blatantly characterised. It is undeniable that science, in spite of its gaping flaws, has contributed in numerous ways to the good of mankind and also that it could be of indescribably wonderful benefit to the progress of humanity if only it could discard its foolish blinkers and equally undeniable that in a few quarters of the scientific world this seems to now be beginning.

HPB stated in “The Key to Theosophy” that the duty of Theosophists and the Theosophical Movement “is to keep alive in man his spiritual intuitions. To oppose and counteract – after due investigation and proof of its irrational nature – bigotry in every form, religious, scientific, or social, and cant above all, whether as religious sectarianism or as belief in miracles or anything supernatural. What we have to do is to seek to obtain knowledge of all the laws of nature, and to diffuse it. To encourage the study of those laws least understood by modern people, the so-called Occult Sciences, based on the true knowledge of nature, instead of, as at present, on superstitious beliefs based on blind faith and authority.”

How many who call ourselves Theosophists today are actually engaged in actively doing our part “to oppose and counteract… bigotry in every form”? And if we aren’t doing that, why aren’t we doing that? Is it due to fear of public opinion or perhaps due to ignorance of the information and facts needed to oppose and counteract such things, a deficiency which is due largely to ignoring such invaluable works as HPB’s “The Secret Doctrine,” “Isis Unveiled,” and “The Key to Theosophy”?

One Theosophist who definitely did her part along these lines was Sylvia Cranston (1915-2000), an associate of the United Lodge of Theosophists, whose highly respected and compelling books on reincarnation have gained acceptance and recognition as some of the most authoritative books of the 20th century on this topic. Only a truly bigoted person, one preferring the narrow comforts and confines of their own personal beliefs and uninformed theories, could read Cranston’s magnificent work “Reincarnation – A New Horizon in Science, Religion, and Society” and afterwards still continue to dismiss reincarnation as a “superstitious religious belief.”

She also wrote the most thoroughly documented and well researched biography ever written of Madame Blavatsky, titled “HPB – The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.” The latter part of that book refers to some of the recent discoveries and findings of science and psychology, as well as NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) and shows how Blavatsky clearly understood, explained, and accurately described the nature of such things in her writings of over a hundred years ago.

Reminding readers that the great Thomas Edison had been a Theosophist and keen admirer of Blavatsky’s work and teachings, it also points out that “a number of scientists have been interested in The Secret Doctrine. According to his niece, Einstein always had a copy of it on his desk,” and that the notions that “Atoms are divisible,” “Atoms are perpetually in motion,” and “Matter and energy are convertible” were presented in “The Secret Doctrine” long before these discoveries were made in the field of physics.

Sylvia Cranston continues, “In view of all the foregoing, it is not surprising to learn from the current publishers of The Secret Doctrine that orders frequently come from professors at colleges and universities. One professor at the California Institute of Technology ordered the book every few years. Upon friendly inquiry it was learned that whenever a copy was marked up too much for clear reading, he obtained a new one. The present writer learned during a 1982 visit to Boston and Cambridge that chemistry teachers and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were formulating plans to investigate teachings in The Secret Doctrine as related to their specialties. In 1988, it was learned from Dr. Philip Perchion, a scientist who had worked on the atomic bomb, that teachers and students at MIT had formed an alchemical society and regularly studied The Secret Doctrine. He also said that he and several chemistry teachers…meet periodically to discuss the SD at the Harvard Club in New York.”

Theosophy stands between scientific materialism on one hand and religious fundamentalism on the other and offers a Middle Way leading to the discovery and experience of Truth itself.

Look at the senseless and horrific murders, violence, torture, and abuse that goes on in the world today. We can’t even open a newspaper or turn on the internet each day without seeing some of the most chilling headlines imaginable… “Teenage girl’s body found burning in alleyway” … “Elderly man stabbed to death by local youths” … “Child raped in park” … “Woman shot in face by husband” … “Hundreds killed in cold blooded arson attack” and so on and so on.

Such things are no longer rare and unthinkable. In 21st century society they are daily occurrences. This is the legacy and logical conclusion of atheism and materialism.

For if human beings are in fact nothing more than purposeless, soulless, meaningless lumps of matter and just highly evolved apes and animals – as the scientists are so keen for us to believe – then why shouldn’t we mistreat and abuse others however we want in order to satisfy our own lusts for sexual gratification, violence, cheap thrills, and revenge? If we are just here on this meaningless planet for no reason at all and at death we simply cease to exist forever, then what valid reason can be given for living a good, decent, moral, compassionate, helpful, loving life? We may as well just do what we want, when we want, why we want, and “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!”

Materialism is animalism, for it reduces man to the level of an animal and often makes him act and behave even worse than the animals, more like a monster in some cases. It is the enemy of humanity and, worst of all, has undeniably become the “God” of modern man…a “God” which will just keep on leading the world further into spiritual death unless it is challenged intelligently and competently by spiritual people.

Even the best and greatest of the world’s religions and spiritual movements are incomplete and cannot answer every question or solve every problem of mankind. Only Theosophy – the Theosophia, “Divine Wisdom” – can do this, for it is the primeval and archaic source and fountainhead of all religions, philosophies, and sciences, and is the one esoteric Teaching which underlies them all.

Yet, since many so-called Theosophists do not even know what Theosophy actually teaches, what hope can there be? We must be entirely honest with ourselves and decide here and now whether our interest in Theosophy is just because we “like” it OR because we are determined to fit ourselves more and more each day to be of the utmost possible help and service to humanity.

“Science is nothing but a conceit.” – H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Dialogues

“This is what shows the deficiency of the materialistic systems, and proves that we Theosophists are in the right. The identity of our physical origin makes no appeal to our higher and deeper feelings. Matter, deprived of its soul and spirit, or its divine essence, cannot speak to the human heart. But the identity of the soul and spirit, of real, immortal man, as Theosophy teaches us, once proven and deep-rooted in our hearts, would lead us far on the road of real charity and brotherly goodwill.” – H.P. Blavatsky, The Key to Theosophy

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  1. What are the dangers of AI (artificial intelligence) How far can a ‘brain’ be interfaced with AI?

    1. Those are good and very valid questions to be asking, Martin. Unfortunately the answers are not yet particularly clear, other than that Artificial Intelligence certainly does have many potential dangers inherent within it.

      On Sunday 2nd December there will be a talk dealing with this and related subjects at the United Lodge of Theosophists in London, England. The October-December programme of the Lodge is here:

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  2. YES, YES and YES. Science has now become a religion, no longer a tool for understanding and quantifying, yet that irony is clearly lost by way of its pontiffs.

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