“The union of what with what?”


Tuesday 30th July 2013

” ‘Yoga Vidya’ is the knowledge which teaches the union, but of what with what?

T. Subba Row (L) with Madame Blavatsky.

That knowledge shows us the path whereby may be effected the ‘union’ of our fifth principle – wherein resides our individual consciousness – and the sixth with the seventh principle, which at present only overshadows us. Occultism therefore not only teaches us that the lower four principles should be controlled, but it adds that the most important achievement is to so control the lower portions of the fifth – wherein are generated the impulses which attract us earthwards – that all these four principles together with the lower half of the fifth, become merely like a cloak (which can be put on and off at will) covering the higher portions of the fifth – merged in the sixth and the seventh. When this union between our higher fifth principle – which gives us the consciousness ‘I am I’ – with the Spiritual Monad (the sixth and seventh principles) is completely effected, the individual then attains Nirvana or becomes a Mukta – free from the chains of Maya, in which we are all more or less bound. Thus, not only physical and mental, but also moral and spiritual training form an essential part of YOGA VIDYA.”

— T. Subba Row, Collected Writings Vol. 2

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