“Man is really a thinker and made of thought…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Wednesday 11th September 2013 “This coming into life over and over again cannot be avoided by the ordinary man because Lower Manas is still bound by Desire, which is the preponderating principle at the present period. Being so influenced by Desire Manas is continually deluded while in the body, and being thus deluded is unable to prevent the action upon it of … Continue reading “Man is really a thinker and made of thought…”

“The union of what with what?”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Tuesday 30th July 2013 ” ‘Yoga Vidya’ is the knowledge which teaches the union, but of what with what? That knowledge shows us the path whereby may be effected the ‘union’ of our fifth principle – wherein resides our individual consciousness – and the sixth with the seventh principle, which at present only overshadows us. Occultism therefore not only teaches us that … Continue reading “The union of what with what?”