“There is only Kosmos – The Great Order…”


Tuesday 23rd July 2013

“The study of The Secret Doctrine proves unprofitable unless the student seesB.P. Wadia at his own stage of evolution, in his own life, in the activity of his own complex nature, the unity which is basic from which differentiation springs and on which diversity manifests. Meta-physics is not a subject for consideration by the mind only. Therefore there is no possibility of anyone fully grasping the meaning of the Three Fundamentals by the power of intellect alone. True science is not solely of the senses, however prominent the part sense-perceptions play in its vocation. Thus, unless a serious attempt is made by the student to see the activity of the Three Fundamentals in the function and the process of his own individual life, they must remain mysterious and confusing and fail to inspire him to better life or nobler labours.

“Within our own bodies, in our own being, work the laws which The Secret Doctrine teaches in the Three Fundamental Propositions. In us forces and forms exist. Each one of us is a universe of Existence which is LIFE, which projects forces and evolves forms. Each one of us is the perceiver of forces; each one of us is builder and destroyer of forms. At one time of our long evolution we do not see either of these facts; at the present stage of human growth most people do not see them. The greatest mission of Theosophy, the profoundest message of The Secret Doctrine which is the teacher par excellence of the Wisdom-Religion to our civilization, is to bring the conviction that man is a universe brought into being, maintained and governed by laws which are identical with those which manifest and sustain the atom and the cosmos. Therefore man is not only a universe but The Universe: man is a microcosm created, preserved, destroyed to be regenerated, exactly as atoms and worlds are; as atoms are dependent on him so is he dependent on worlds, and vice versa. Each and every microcosm is a macrocosm: our body is the macrocosm to our brain, heart, spleen; our brain is the macrocosm to the cerebellum, the cerebrum, etc., etc.; and so on, from the great to the small, from the small to the minute. On the other hand our whole body is part of the physical earth, a microcosm of the macrocosm, and that earth but a microcosm of the greater solar system which as a unit is like a tiny cell in the sidereal body. To see within ourselves the working of the law which reveals the truth that each atom is a macrocosm, that each universe is a microcosm is to perceive the identity of all forms – this means the realization that there is but One Form. There is neither micro- nor macro-cosmos, but only Kosmos – the Great Order. This is the supreme vision, the summation of all visions. This is what Arjuna beheld as described in the Eleventh Discourse of the Bhagavad-Gita.”

— B.P. Wadia, Studies in The Secret Doctrine, p.104-105

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