“The immense body of images in the Astral Light…”


Thursday 30th May 2013

“Theosophy also teaches the existence of a universal diffused and highlyWilliam Quan Judge ethereal medium, which has been called the “Astral Light” and “Akasha.” It is the repository of all past, present, and future events, and in it are recorded the effects of spiritual causes, and of all acts and thoughts from the direction of either spirit or matter. It may be called the Book of the Recording Angel.

“Akasha, however, is a misnomer when it is confused with Ether or the Astral Light of the Kabbalists. Akasha is the noumenon of the phenomenal Ether or Astral Light proper, for Akasha is infinite, impartite, intangible, its only production being Sound.

“And this Astral Light is material and not spirit. It is, in fact, the lower principle of that cosmic body of which Akasha is the highest. It has the power of retaining all images. This includes a statement that each thought as well as word and act makes an image there. …the Sages, Mahatmas, and the Adepts of the good law, make only such pictures as are in accordance with Divine law, because they control the production of their thought. In the Astral Light are all the differentiated sounds as well. The elementals are energic centers in it. The shades of departed human beings and animals are also there. Hence, any seer or entranced person can see in it all that anyone has done or said, as well as that which has happened to anyone with whom he is connected. …

“In the Kali-Yuga we are hyponotized by the effect of the immense body of images in the Astral Light, compounded of all the deeds, thoughts, and so forth of our ancestors, whose lives tended in a material direction. These images influence the inner man – who is conscious of them – by suggestion. In a brighter age the influence of such images would be towards Truth. The effect of the Astral Light, as thus molded and painted by us, will remain so long as we continue to place those images there, and it thus becomes our judge and our executioner.”

— William Quan Judge, An Epitome of Theosophy

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