“Eastern metaphysics is a science that is highly practical…”


Friday 31st May 2013

“Sometimes people have asked why The Secret Doctrine establishes the three fundamental propositions in abstruse terms of metaphysics and high philosophy. Why not give, it is suggested, the basic principles in simple and easily understandable language of religious morality? If all things in this objective universe, and the latter itself, rest in and on these fundamentals, why define and describe them in brain-wrecking terminology and mind-perplexing phraseology? Give us three simple words; if not words, then phrases; if not phrases, then sentences; at least limit them to three short paragraphs – let the preliminaries be gone through and done with!

“Morality and ethics separated from philosophy and metaphysics would land us into that dire heresy of separateness referred to above – to divide wisdom from compassion, head from heart, the Stanzas of Dzyan from The Voice of the Silence. The tendency to dissociate metaphysics from science, morality, art, etc., is natural to our civilization. During the last several centuries metaphysical philosophy has been a very useless kind of speculative hair-splitting all over Europe. The Western world has first to be trained in the idea that the philosophy of the Ancients is far from speculative and that Eastern metaphysics is a science that is highly practical. The writings of H.P.B. go to make this amply clear. In our own Theosophical Movement we have suffered through the obtuseness of many early students who failed to see the reasons for viewing, studying and examining the teachings of the Masters through H.P.B. in their true setting and perspective, viz., metaphysical and philosophical. …

We must guard against the tendency of neglecting metaphysics.”

— B.P. Wadia, Studies in “The Secret Doctrine,” p.74-75

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