Three Statements About The Sun


“The sun, which is the centre of our system, is the centre of other systems too, and a time comes when all these systems go into pralaya together.” (“Old and New Methods” article)

Boat of the Sun. This sacred solar boat was called Sekti, and it was steered by the dead. . . . A blue light – which is the “Sun’s Son” – is seen streaming from the bark. The ancient Egyptians taught that the real colour of the Sun was blue, and Macrobius also states that his colour is of a pale blue before he reaches the horizon and after he disappears below. It is curious to note . . . it is only since 1881 that physicists and astronomers discovered that “our Sun is really blue”. Professor Langley . . . has succeeded finally in proving that the apparent yellow-orange colour of the Sun is due only to the effect of absorption exerted by its atmosphere of vapours, chiefly metallic; but that in sober truth and reality, it is not “a white Sun but a blue one”, i.e., something which the Egyptian priests had discovered without any known scientific instruments, many thousands of years ago!” (“Theosophical Glossary” p. 58-59)

“The Spirit, beyond manifested Nature, is the fiery BREATH in its absolute Unity. In the manifested Universe, it is the Central Spiritual Sun, the electric Fire of all Life. In our System it is the visible Sun, the Spirit of Nature, the terrestrial god.” (“The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 2, p. 114)

It seems that the late 19th century scientific discovery of the Sun being blue was discarded quite some time ago and now carries no weight in mainstream science but that does not mean it is not so. Scientists are far more fallible and far more limited in their equipment than the inner occult equipment of a trained and initiated Adept. The idea that our Sun is the Sun of multiple solar systems is also foreign to modern science as far as we are aware.

Such factors would not concern H. P. Blavatsky, for she begins the second volume of “The Secret Doctrine” by repeating these words from St. John’s Gospel: “My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.”


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