“Filling the mind with a mass of half-dead images…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Thursday 13th February 2014 “Reading of a certain sort is simply the alcohol habit removed to another plane, and just as some unfortunates live to drink instead of drinking that they may live, so other unfortunates live to read instead of reading that they may learn how to live. Gautama Buddha went so far as to forbid his disciples to read novels … Continue reading “Filling the mind with a mass of half-dead images…”

“Reincarnation represents the cycle of human evolution…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Saturday 8th February 2014 “Schopenhauer wrote:- “Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be forced to answer him: It is that part of the world which is haunted by the incredible delusion that man was created outĀ of nothing, and that his present birth is his first entrance into life.” “Since the days of this German, Asiatics … Continue reading “Reincarnation represents the cycle of human evolution…”

“Theological Christianity must die out…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Thursday 6th February 2014 “Belief in the Bible literally, and in a carnalised Christ, will not last a quarter of a century longer. The Churches will have to part with their cherished dogmas, or the 20th century will witness the downfall and ruin of all Christendom, and with it, belief even in a Christos, as pure Spirit. The very name has now … Continue reading “Theological Christianity must die out…”

“Absolute unselfishness and unlimited devotion…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Wednesday 5th February 2014 “No one is so busy or so poor that he cannot be inspired by a noble ideal to follow. Why hesitate to blaze a trail toward that ideal through all obstacles, all hindrances, all the daily considerations of social life, and to advance boldly until it is reached? Ah! those who would make this effort would soon find … Continue reading “Absolute unselfishness and unlimited devotion…”

“To compel the earnest student to dig out many profound truths…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Tuesday 4th February 2014 “Speaking to those who know and believe that HPB was all the time in communication with the Masters in their retreats somewhere on the globe, I can say that a serious series of consultations was held among them as to what should go into “The Secret Doctrine,” and that it was plainly said that the book was to … Continue reading “To compel the earnest student to dig out many profound truths…”

“The Individuality suffers through his Personality…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Tuesday 31st December 2013 “The new “personality” is no better than a fresh suit of clothes with its specific characteristics, colour, form and qualities; but the real man who wears it is the same culprit as of old. It is the individuality who suffers through his “personality.” And it is this, and this alone, that can account for the terrible, still only … Continue reading “The Individuality suffers through his Personality…”

“Two of the worst snares…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Sunday 29th December 2013 “In our mountains here, the Dugpas lay at dangerous points, in paths frequented by our Chelas, bits of old rag, and other articles best calculated to attract the attention of the unwary, which have been impregnated with their evil magnetism. If one be stepped upon a tremendous psychic shock may be communicated to the wayfarer, so that he … Continue reading “Two of the worst snares…”

“Each and every event will bear for you a deep significance…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Saturday 28th December 2013 “If you desire to labor for the good of the world, it will be unwise for you to strive to include it all at once in your efforts. If you can help elevate or teach but one soul – that is a good beginning, and more than is given to many. “Fear nothing that is in Nature and … Continue reading “Each and every event will bear for you a deep significance…”

“An entirely different view of life…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Friday 27th December 2013 “Knowing something as to our essential nature, knowing something of the purpose of life, and that life is all made up of learning, knowing that the universe is all alive, and that there is in reality no injustice save that which we inflict upon ourselves by re-action, we would take an entirely different view of life and put … Continue reading “An entirely different view of life…”