H.P.B. and W.Q.J. – A Poem

Madame Blavatsky and W.Q. Judge

H. P. B. AND W. Q. J.

The Brave and Noble, is my name for her
Who sacrificed herself and suffered so,
And ever as the Patient One I know
The quiet heart whose gentle teachings were
A Path of light no less than Lucifer.
For they unveiled again the ancient sun
Of spiritual knowledge, as is done
From age to age by each new Messenger;
She showed the truth, and he made plain the way
For those that search through darkness for the light
Or seek to be world-servers such as they
With power to signal others through the night
And point anew to our uncertain sight
The small old path that stretches far away.

(An anonymous poem, dated 20th April 1912, published in an early issue of Theosophy Magazine, the main monthly publication of the United Lodge of Theosophists)


~ BlavatskyTheosophy.com ~

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