There is No Creation

There is no such thing as CREATION.

There is no CREATOR.


The idea of a “CREATOR GOD” is illogical, unphilosophical, and degrading to both human intelligence and the concept of Deity.

Theosophy insists that there cannot be such thing as “CREATION” since nothing new (i.e. no NEW THING) can ever be created, for only the Absolute, Infinite, Unconditioned, Attributeless ONE exists. And in fact, that ONE does not actually exist, since “exist” or “exists” implies something in the active process of existING.

It is pure EXISTENCE itself.

It is not a Being but Be-ness, referred to in the Theosophical teachings by the Sanskrit word “SAT.”

There is nothing but That.

That to which man has given the name of “God” is not a Creator, has never created anything, and can never create anything.

It simply emanates Itself through Itself, within Itself, and as Itself.

Emanation and evolution are realities but creation is not. The impersonal Divine Allness is all there is.

If we accept the existence of the infinite (and neither religious nor scientific mind can deny it) then we are faced with the fact that THAT must be the only “thing” there is.

A Hindu scripture called the Rig Veda is the most ancient scripture known to man. It says that before this Universe came into being –

The Only One breathed breathless by Itself;

Other than IT there nothing since has been.

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  1. completely agree going to be my blog for tomorrow …It is evident even Vedanta is existential and it is right first principle of Thermodynamics ‘Energy cannot be created or destroyed” WE ARE SAT ‘

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