5 thoughts on “The Seven Rays

  1. I’m starting to study Theosophy and I really liked all posts published
    in this page. Thank you.

      1. I am deepening my awareness through reading about these subjects of this nature,which puts words to what I inherently know already, in a that’s sounds”right/familiar” feeling way.

        We all know/feel when we are in the correct flow and order with life and we instantly know/feel the abrasion of being in misalignment to the universal order.

  2. I use to quote your articles im my coversations with the members of The Virya Lodge, the eldest Theosophical Lodge in Costa Rica, Central America. We are working since 1904. I am already the chairman of this Lodge. Your information is very important to us in order to eliminate the wrong concepts we received from members in the past. Thanks a lot for your help.

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