The Seven Kinds of Dreams

This brief but important list of the seven main types of dreams was provided by H. P. Blavatsky in answer to the question “Is there any way in which dreams may be classified?” Her reply is below. It is the closing part of a 20 page section on the subject of dreams in the book “Transactions of The Blavatsky Lodge.” That section is from p. 59-79 of the book and can be read in full online here.

B. P. Wadia once wrote that that part of “Transactions” “is the most valuable exposition, in the whole of Theosophical literature, on the subject of Dreams; its careful study is an imperative necessity for every student.”


We may roughly divide dreams also into seven classes, and subdivide these in turn. Thus, we would divide them into: –

1. Prophetic dreams. These are impressed on our memory by the Higher Self, and are generally plain and clear: either a voice heard or the coming event foreseen.

2. Allegorical dreams, or hazy glimpses of realities caught by the brain and distorted by our fancy. These are generally only half true.

3. Dreams sent by adepts, good or bad, by mesmerisers, or by the thoughts of very powerful minds bent on making us do their will.

4. Retrospective; dreams of events belonging to past incarnations.

5. Warning dreams for others who are unable to be impressed themselves.

6. Confused dreams, the causes of which have been discussed above.

7. Dreams which are mere fancies and chaotic pictures, owing to digestion, some mental trouble, or such-like external cause.


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