“There is a bright side to life…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Sunday 23rd February 2014 “When one stops to think, to weigh, and to consider what is one’s duty, or which of many duties should be performed first, it is indeed perplexing and difficult to know what to do. But if you will do just what lies before you without thinking about all the other things, and without troubling your mind about all … Continue reading “There is a bright side to life…”

“Escape from the coils of the great serpent of illusion…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Friday 21st February 2014 “As mankind multiplies, and with it suffering – which is the natural result of an increasing number of units that generate it – sorrow and pain are intensified. We live in an atmosphere of gloom and despair, but this is because our eyes are downcast and riveted to the earth, with all its physical and grossly material manifestations. … Continue reading “Escape from the coils of the great serpent of illusion…”

“Voluntary victim of an illusionary God…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Tuesday 18th February 2014 “I will point out the greatest, the chief cause of nearly two thirds of the evils that pursue humanity ever since that cause became a power. It is religion under whatever form and in whatsoever nation. It is the sacerdotal caste, the priesthood and the churches; it is in those illusions that man looks upon as sacred, that … Continue reading “Voluntary victim of an illusionary God…”

“The mysterious link between Mind and Matter…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Monday 17th February 2014 “Just as pre-Cosmic Ideation is the root of all individual consciousness, so pre-Cosmic Substance is the substratum of matter in the various grades of its differentiation. “Hence it will be apparent that the contrast of these two aspects of the Absolute is essential to the existence of the “Manifested Universe.” Apart from Cosmic Substance, Cosmic Ideation could not … Continue reading “The mysterious link between Mind and Matter…”

“The White Lodge dare not give out more than humanity can put to use…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Friday 14th February 2014 “If it is true that H.P.B. was the Direct Agent of the Lodge – and this is explicitly stated to be the fact by the Master K.H., however Col. Olcott, Mrs. Besant or others, may twist and interpret H.P.B. and Her teachings – then we must go to the records left by Her and Her Colleague, W.Q. Judge, … Continue reading “The White Lodge dare not give out more than humanity can put to use…”

“Filling the mind with a mass of half-dead images…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Thursday 13th February 2014 “Reading of a certain sort is simply the alcohol habit removed to another plane, and just as some unfortunates live to drink instead of drinking that they may live, so other unfortunates live to read instead of reading that they may learn how to live. Gautama Buddha went so far as to forbid his disciples to read novels … Continue reading “Filling the mind with a mass of half-dead images…”

“Reincarnation represents the cycle of human evolution…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Saturday 8th February 2014 “Schopenhauer wrote:- “Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be forced to answer him: It is that part of the world which is haunted by the incredible delusion that man was created outĀ of nothing, and that his present birth is his first entrance into life.” “Since the days of this German, Asiatics … Continue reading “Reincarnation represents the cycle of human evolution…”

“Theological Christianity must die out…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Thursday 6th February 2014 “Belief in the Bible literally, and in a carnalised Christ, will not last a quarter of a century longer. The Churches will have to part with their cherished dogmas, or the 20th century will witness the downfall and ruin of all Christendom, and with it, belief even in a Christos, as pure Spirit. The very name has now … Continue reading “Theological Christianity must die out…”

“Absolute unselfishness and unlimited devotion…”

DAILY THEOSOPHY QUOTES Wednesday 5th February 2014 “No one is so busy or so poor that he cannot be inspired by a noble ideal to follow. Why hesitate to blaze a trail toward that ideal through all obstacles, all hindrances, all the daily considerations of social life, and to advance boldly until it is reached? Ah! those who would make this effort would soon find … Continue reading “Absolute unselfishness and unlimited devotion…”