Mars, Mercury, Venus

By William Q. Judge

William Quan Judge

A. P. Sinnett: “What other planets of those known to ordinary science, besides Mercury, belong to our system of worlds?”

Master K.H.: “Mars and four other planets of which astronomy knows nothing.”

(From a “Mahatma Letter” of 1882)

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“Gratification of curiosity is the end of knowledge for some men,” wrote H.P.B.’s teacher, and this curiosity led to a question being put some years ago to the Adepts, who furnished the main body of Esoteric Buddhism and all the important matter in The Secret Doctrine, in regard to other visible globes. The author of Esoteric Buddhism then construed the reply to mean that Mars and Mercury are two of the seven planets of the earth-chain of globes. H.P.B., the only person in actual and constant communication with the Masters, corrected the mistake made by Mr. Sinnett in the pages of The Secret Doctrine to which I have referred, saying on page 164: “But neither Mars nor Mercury belongs to our chain; they are, along with the other planets, septenary Units in the great host of ‘chains’ of our system, and all are visible as their upper globes are invisible.” Her correction of the misconception was made upon the written authority of the same Masters who sent through her the letters on which Esoteric Buddhism was written.

On the ground of authority in respect to this question, about which none of the Theosophical writers have any information independent of what the Masters have written, we must conclude that the statement in The Secret Doctrine is final. If no other point were involved, there would be no necessity for going further with the matter, but as the consistency of the entire philosophy is involved, it is necessary to advert again to this subject.

The two Masters who had to do with Esoteric Buddhism and The Secret Doctrine [i.e. the Master K.H. and the Master M.] have distinctly said: – first, that none of the other globes of the earth-chain are visible from its surface; second, that various planets are visible in the sky to us because they are in their turn fourth-plane planets, representing to our sight their own septenary chains; third, that the six companion globes of the earth are united with it in one mass, but differ from it as to class of substance; fourth, that Mr. Sinnett misunderstood them when he thought they meant to say that Mars and Mercury were two of the six fellow globes of the earth – and this correction they make most positively in The Secret Doctrine; lastly, they have said that the entire philosophy is one of correspondences, and must be so viewed in every part. . . .

If we admit that Mars and Mercury are two visible planets of the seven-fold chain belonging to the earth, then the consistency of the philosophy is destroyed, for as it is with planets, so it is with man. Every planet, considered for the moment as an individual, is to be analysed in the same way as a single human being, subject to the same laws in the same way. Hence, if two of the principles of the earth are visible, that is, Mars and Mercury, then why is it that two of man’s seven principles are not visible, in addition to his body? In his seven-fold constitution his body represents the earth in her septenary chain, but he cannot see objectively any other of his principles. The philosophy must be consistent throughout. If it is inconsistent at one point it fails at every other. The same Masters who have communicated through H.P.B. with Mr. Sinnett for the purpose of having Esoteric Buddhism written, have over and over again positively stated that the law of correspondence rules throughout in this philosophy.

The earth is a fourth-plane planet. The beings upon it are now in the fourth stage, and for that reason cannot see objectively any planet that is not on the same plane of development, and every planet which they see is for that reason a fourth-plane planet. If this be correct, then Mars and Mercury must be fourth-plane planets, and hence not in the earth’s chain of globes. . . .

It is also stated on page 163 of that book [i.e. “The Secret Doctrine”], Vol. I, on the authority of the Masters, that “No companion planets from A to Z, that is, no upper globes of any chain in the Solar System, can be seen.” I may say that the relation borne by Mars and Mercury to the earth will not be spoken of or explained by the Masters. Furthermore, one of the Masters wrote to the author of Esoteric Buddhism in respect to this matter, stating, “You are putting me questions pertaining to the highest initiation. I can give you only a general view, but I dare not, nor will I enter upon details.”

It is not necessary for us to know the relation between Mars, Mercury, and the Earth, especially, nor to know whether Mars and Mercury are in any particular state; all that is necessary is to know, do they or not belong to our chain? And that they do not has been distinctly stated, both from the position of authority and upon the ground of consistent philosophy. Upon authority, because in no other way can we solve the riddle; upon philosophy, to show the reasonableness of the authoritative statement. All such difficulties can be solved by remembering and working upon the law that, as it is in respect to man and his principles or vehicles, so it is in respect to any planet whatever.

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“As to Mars, Mercury, and “the four other planets,” they bear a relation to Earth of which no master or high Occultist will ever speak, much less explain the nature.”

(H.P. Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 1, p. 163-164)

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Roughly summarizing the history of the recrudescence of the teaching of the Lodge for this century, we find H.P.B. publicly beginning it, though guardedly, in Isis Unveiled as herself the messenger of the real Teachers behind. At that time (1875) she gave private teachings in America to certain persons. [“Moreover, a considerable part of the philosophy expounded by Mr. Sinnett was taught in America, even before Isis Unveiled was published, to two Europeans and to my colleague, Colonel H.S. Olcott.” – Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, p. xix.] . . . The fact – not denied by Mr. Sinnett or anyone – is that the letters from the Masters from which the matter for Esoteric Buddhism was taken came in the main through H.P.B., for although it is true she “showed surprise” to Mr. Sinnett on seeing certain things communicated to him in letters from the Masters, the surprise was not at teachings which were new to her, but surprise that they were divulged at all, for she knew the teaching, inasmuch as she taught it under pledge as far back as from 1875 to 1878 in America.

In her Secret Doctrine, availing herself of the same teachers to whom she introduced Mr. Sinnett, she corrected two errors into which she said he had fallen, i.e., respecting Devachan and our companion planets. It is a perfectly unthinkable proposition to say that she was not advised by the Masters when writing the Secret Doctrine. I who saw many of the Masters’ letters in 1888 in reference to the Secret Doctrine certainly cannot give up the evidence of my inner and outer senses. I know as surely as I know any fact that the same teachers were giving her in 1887 and 1888, as before, information for that book, in black upon white, and I am certain they dictated the corrections given in Secret Doctrine upon the points now before us. Evidence, eye-sight, and tradition confirm it, for in 1876 to 1878 I was given by her the same theories and the clue to the misunderstanding which a desire for consistency as to mere words has now aroused.

Even in 1888 [i.e. when “The Secret Doctrine” was published] it was not the time to make the point precisely clear to the public. Times have rule in occult teaching more than most readers – or writers – of theosophical books suspect. But the clue was given, a broad hint was thrown out. It is now the time when what I was told in 1876 and 1878 by the Masters through H.P.B. may be told, since the prohibition put personally upon me has been withdrawn.

The questions respecting Mars and Mercury – and I might add those which might have been but were not put about Venus – did touch upon other questions on the outskirts of higher initiations and which never are and never will be answered before the right time. The statement in the Master’s letter to Mr. Sinnett that the questions put by the latter approached too near to secrets of higher initiations did not, it is true, refer directly to these questions about Mars and Mercury, but that does not alter the fact that all the questions then propounded on this planetary subject touched the delicate area; and whether Mr. Sinnett or anyone else liked it or not, attention had to be drawn off even at the risk of creating a temporary confusion on the topic. But in 1888 time had rolled on further, and now it is 1893, and nearer and nearer to another cycle. The clue may now be given. It may be noticed, if readers will observe, that the many questions raised in reference to Mars and Mercury served the additional purpose of so distracting the attention of questioners that hardly any queries were raised about the subject of “Cycles” on which the Masters had the completest information but about which the Lodge is more careful to remain silent than in respect to other points – yet the cycles are more important and have more bearing on life than Mars and Mercury.

Mars, Mercury, and Venus have a special and direct relation to this earth and its invisible companions. Those three visible spheres have to do with certain cosmic principles and lines of influence in and on the earth, while the remaining visible planets of the Solar System have not the same relation. Read it thus, as taught before Mr. Sinnett was in the T.S., and as repeated in the Secret Doctrine:

The unseen companions of your earth are united with it in mass, though different as to quality of substance. The visible planets of your Solar System which have a relation special and peculiar to Earth are Mars, Mercury, and Venus. But what that peculiar – nay wonderful – relation is do not ask, for we will not tell you. If while the current is open you persist in the question, you will arouse in yourselves a perplexity which the answer obtained will not relieve. Is there not a spirit of irritation, of rage, and another of wisdom and active judgment in man and Nature which may relate to visible planets which are not an actual part of earth’s own special family? This is as far as we will now go.

[Note: The above is from an otherwise unknown early letter or other form of communication from the Masters, apparently to WQJ and perhaps one or two others, seeing as the wording such as “yourselves” suggests that it’s addressed to more than one person.]

. . . The presence of Mars and Mercury in the sky presents a relation to the earth, yet they have another relation to it which Saturn, Jupiter, and so on have not, while the latter bear the same relation to us of proximity as do the first. . . .

Mars, Mercury, Venus, then, are a part of our system in the sense of having an extremely important relation and influence with the human race and its planets, and having that in mind it was quite permissible for the teacher to reply [i.e. to A. P. Sinnett] that Mars and Mercury belong to our system.


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