Adepts and Politics

Trans-Himalayan Region


“Neither the Tibetan nor the modern Hindu Mahatmas for the matter of that, ever meddle with politics, though they may bring their influence to bear upon more than one momentous question in the history of a nation – their mother country especially. If any Adepts have influenced Washington or brought about the great American Revolution, it was not the “Tibetan Mahatmas” at any rate; for these have never shown much sympathy with the Pelings of whatever Western race, except as forming a part of Humanity in general. Yet it is as certain … that several Brothers of the Rosie Cross – or “Rosicrucians,” so called – did take a prominent part in the American struggle for independence, as much as in the French Revolution during the whole of the past century. We have documents to that effect, and the proofs of it are in our possession. But these Rosicrucians were Europeans and American settlers, who acted quite independently of the Indian or Tibetan Initiates. …

“Nevertheless, it is our firm conviction based on historical evidence and direct inferences from many of the Memoirs of those days that the French Revolution is due to one Adept. It is that mysterious personage, now conveniently classed with other “historical charlatans” (i.e. great men whose occult knowledge and powers shoot over the heads of the imbecile majority), namely, the Count de St. Germain – who brought about the just outbreak among the paupers, and put an end to the selfish tyranny of the French kings – the “elect, and the Lord’s anointed.” And we know also that among the Carbonari – the precursors and pioneers of Garibaldi there was more than one Freemason deeply versed in occult sciences and Rosicrucianism.”

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