“The nothingness of Buddhi and Atma…”


Tuesday 16th July 2013

“Atma is nothing; it is all absolute, and it cannot be said that it is this, that, or the other. It is simply that in which we are – not only that we live and breathe and have our being, but in the whole universe, and during the whole Manvantaric period. Therefore, Atma is said to have Buddhi for a vehicle, because Buddhi is already the first differentiation after the evolution of the universe. It is the first differentiation, and it is the Upadhi, so to say, of Atma. Then Buddhi is nothing, per se, but simply the first differentiation. And it is the consciousness in the universal consciousness, but it is non-consciousness in this world. On this plane of finite consciousness it is nothing, for it is infinite consciousness. Understand me, Atman cannot be called infinite consciousness. It is the one Absolute, which is conscious non-consciousness. It contains everything, the potentiality of all; therefore, it is nothing and all. It is Ain-Soph, and it is the Parabrahman and so on; many names you can give it. It is “No Thing,” you understand? Therefore, Buddhi being the first differentiation, the first ray, it is universal consciousness, and could not act on any one plane, especially on the terrestrial plane. And to be conscious of something, of somebody, it must have Manas, that is to say, the consciousness of this plane. If you read The Secret Doctrine you will see that men had nothing of the kind until the Manasaputra (the sons of the mind) incarnated in the forms that were projected by the Lunar Pitris. There was nothing but matter, and the nothingness of Buddhi and Atma; therefore, they had to be cemented, so to say, between this Buddhi and themselves. They had to have this Manas, which is the finite consciousness of our plane of existence and their incarnating ego. This incarnating ego, which goes from our personality to another, collects the experiences of every life. After having collected all the experience of millions and millions of incarnations, then, when the Manvantaric period ceases, and this world goes into dissolution, this ego, having had all this experience, approaches more and more of the Absolute, and, at the end of I do not know how many Manvantaras, certainly it will become – before it merges into the one, it must have the experience. Then it approaches more and more and more that which is all and nothing.”

— H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Dialogues

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