“The prime purpose of H.P.B.’s mission…”


Tuesday 2nd July 2013

“H.P.B. endeavours to protect the mind of the individual and the race againstB.P. Wadia the recrudescence of lower psychism by giving “philosophical deduction instead of unverifiable hypothesis, scientific analysis and demonstration instead of undiscriminating faith” (Isis, II. 636). The Secret Doctrine goes further. Its structure and the method of presentation bring about an inner mental change, which makes the appreciation of a higher ethics imperative and an application thereof gives birth to a new and nobler morality. Thus comes before our vision the true purpose of the mission of H.P.B., the true inwardness of her message: to introduce the force of an unknown knowledge in the mind of the Race and thus to purify it from the dross and the dregs and the taint of set notions and blind belief; thence to reconstruct that mind, first by a daring iconoclasm and then by a persuasive creative force. For their fulfilment both these processes depend on the student. Material is provided by H.P.B. and the method of using it has also been shown; but correction must be self-correction; individual effort for a man, an association, a church, a nation, a community or a race, must be self-induced and self-devised. The principles are put forward and they are all the direction and guidance we really need; the applying of those principles in pursuing a definite course of action is what we should aspire to.

“Ethical and moral was the prime purpose of H.P.B.’s mission: to engender a new vision in the heart of man; to bring him to a recognition of his own divinity; to convince him of his own latent spiritual energies; to make him utilize those energies, to transform him into a self-reformer before he became a reformer of his fellows; to learn before teaching; to live by the higher morality of a loftier ethics which in itself would be an introduction of that morality and ethics in the body politic of his family, tribe, community, nation and race. In a very real sense H.P.B.’s work was with individuals, for, to her, individuals are the units who make up humanity. Self-correction and self-reformation is what her writings induce us to undertake; then follows the capacity (1) to see clearly; (2) to discern intelligently; (3) to be inspired by the vitality of the spiritual Will; (4) to create by right speech; (5) right energy; and (6) action which is sacrifice.

“Thus her writings perform a twofold miracle: By a purificatory rite the student gains clear vision, discernment, inspiration, and makes with their help the gift of wisdom and compassion through holy living and by performance of sacred service.”

— B.P. Wadia, Studies in “The Secret Doctrine,” Book I p.68-69

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