“Esoteric Philosophy is the source and foundation of all knowledge…”


Saturday 8th June 2013

“Esoteric Philosophy is sui generis. It is the source and foundation of all knowledge. It is not a collection of doctrines culled from various religious creeds – it is the source of every true idea in all faiths, new or old. It transcends modern science inasmuch as it covers a far vaster field than that of matter, and the method of acquiring knowledge it advocates is not bounded by the joint use of the senses and the mind. Its philosophy is not a speculative one in which the cognitive faculties form the supreme court of judgment, for it shows the way of unfolding the direct perception of intuition, not divorced from, but illuminating, all thinking and reasoning processes. It insists on the necessity of practising ethics, and this it derives from the observation and understanding of the Laws of Nature, physical and superphysical. It deals with the supernormal, but does not recognize the supernatural. Teaching as it does that Magic is Science, made divine or demoniac by the motive and morality of the practitioner, it rejects all miracles; it does not merely say that the age of miracles is past, it affirms that it never existed.

“In the above paragraph we have dealt with (a) religion, (b) modern science, (c) speculative philosophy, (d) ethics, and (e) magic and miracles. These five topics provide for each and every student without exception obstacles in mastering the tenets of the Esoteric Philosophy or Wisdom-Religion.

“Religious beliefs inherited from one’s own family act as a barrier for a very large number of enquirers and students. Especially in a religiously inclined country like India they make a formidable barrier. In a subsequent study we shall examine the problem of the One True Religion and the many false religions, and this will also include the truths contained in every religion but now covered over by falsehoods – beliefs, notions, practices, etc. …

“The Esoteric Philosophy of Theosophy does not belong to any religion; every truth in all religions belongs to it. Therefore the student should learn to examine the dogmas and beliefs of every creed including the one into which he is born, in and by the light of THE SECRET DOCTRINE and its exponent – the book of that name; and not reverse the process.”

– B.P. Wadia, Studies in “The Secret Doctrine,” Book II p.13-14

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