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THEOSOPHY literally means “Divine Wisdom.” It can be called Esoteric Philosophy – Esoteric Science – the Esoteric Doctrine – Occult Philosophy – Occult Science – the Sacred Science – the Secret Doctrine – Ancient Wisdom – Ageless Wisdom – Timeless Truth.

In the East it is called the Gupta Vidya, which can be translated as “Secret Knowledge” or “Secret Doctrine.” This hidden body of Knowledge is in the safe keeping of a relatively small number of individuals. They have been called the Masters of the Wisdom. They are Adepts and Initiates belonging to a hidden esoteric Brotherhood which guides and watches over the spiritual evolution and advancement of humanity.

In the 19th century, some Masters belonging to the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood based in Tibet taught, trained, and prepared a Russian woman named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) to go forth into the world to give out as much of that Teaching as was permitted. In so doing, Madame Blavatsky literally changed the face of world spirituality forever. The Theosophical Society which she founded was the first introduction of Eastern spirituality to the Western world.

Alongside teachings about such fundamentals as Karma, Reincarnation, and the Oneness of All Life, Blavatsky presented to the world certain esoteric spiritual teachings which had never been given out to the public before, such as those about the origin, nature, and future of Earth and humanity (including planetary chains, globes, rounds, root races etc.), Atlantis and Lemuria, the true details of the afterlife state and what happens between death and rebirth, the sevenfold nature of man, the true nature and system of evolution, and the birth, origins, and structure of the Universe.

The writings and teachings of H.P. Blavatsky have received endorsement and praise from numerous individuals including Mahatma Gandhi, D.T. Suzuki, Albert Einstein, the ninth Panchen Lama, and the present Dalai Lama.

Theosophy’s heartbeat and constant underlying theme is selfless service to humanity. It is a high and living spiritual philosophy which is to be KNOWN and LIVED. It has the effect of bringing about both an intellectual expansion and a deep and life changing spiritual awakening for those who study and practice it.

This website is dedicated to the original and genuine teachings of Theosophy as presented in the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters.

The Truth never changes. It changes YOU!

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  1. There is so much to learn which I am so far away from -South Africa. I am excited about the Secret Doctrine which I am busy. Knowing is urgent since there is so much out there bout Theosophy? I have learnt to make a distinction between Spiritualism and Theosophy which I think is important. Now I can also see that we – Theosophists are also different from the Society of Psychical Research and a host of others like . True Truth is, Truth changes you! I have gone trough the threshold. It is exciting! I need Training. Joining. Working .Serving as quickly with your help. Hope my requests will be given consideration. Practical Love.

  2. Diane Foster says:

    In reply to the above comment – I am not sure what you are asking, but I think you feel in a rush to learn all in theosophy right away. I can only say you can only take one step at a time. All will come to you in the perfect time. I think Theosophy is a many life time adventure. It sounds like you have begun, wonderful, enjoy the adventure!

  3. devaraj raut says:

    love with regards.

    • I seem to be in a rush and this is as a result of a trajectory largely fuelled by a hurry as if to fill spaces comprising my past intellectual confrontations with spiritualism which invariably is connected – in Quest Books through Edmond and my parents. It is not really a physical space, but one connected inexorably with spirit. – “a many life adventure” and the allusion to ”the perfect time” as Diane aptly puts.
      Thanks the encouraging and supportive comments. Theosophy books are available in Book Stores in limited quantities. I am struggling to acquire The Secret Doctrine by HPB (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ) I Instead acquired an Abridged & Annotated by Michael Gomes. Secret Doctrine is Indeed deservedly, A Classic which supports the intention and commitment to read the Secret Doctrine my lifetime as if it were the only to be taught by.
      There are Theosophical bodies, like one -SA – I have seen Annie Bessant, Leadbeater and of course Olcott while sneaking Helena Blavatsky in one end of the portrait. It is not my intention to ply with the Bessants, Alice Bailey, Leadbeaters and their followers who currently are struggling to enter Ancient Wisdom with eyes wide open. (using this phrase advisedly) and H.P.Blavatsky, the “real makoya” in SA terms(the Genuine one). The Final Mahatma Letter – http://blavatskytheosophy.com/the-final-mahatma-letter/ – is invaluable to all of us for the ultimate aims of Theosophy and what the unswerving and resolute Mahatmas.
      With Theosophical Greetings.

      • Just a question, glad to see such a purist and pure site, the picture above of Mdm. Blavatsky with all the blue around, is it original?

        • Thank you for your comments and feedback. The picture you’re asking about with the blue starry effect is from another source and not original to us. That photo, however, is from the mid 1870s. We hope the site will continue to be a source of information and inspiration to you!

  4. Indebted to see that there are efforts like this to shine the light of truth on the works of HPB. Most if not all of her detractors have not read neither Isis Unveiled or the Secret Doctrine and thus have no idea of her towering intellect or initiated access to sacred and occult knowledge. I am on my fourth reading of the Secret Doctrine and there is hardly a page that goes by that I do not marvel at the depth of her wise teachings.

  5. I have read the Karma sections and feel a great sadness to think that during previous lives and circumstances within those lives could cause the need for payback during future lives, you would seem to be paying the price for situations that may have been beyond your control. A further concern is whether your future lives are continually towards the future and not backwards in time thus with the situation of the world as it stands with the ozone lair and the impending death of this planet through wars etc what would happen for our future reincarnations if this planet was dead and unobtainable

    • Thank you for your questions Glenn.

      Perhaps the solution to your concern about Karma lies in the understanding that the part of us which goes from life to life, body to body, is the unseen inner being, the soul within, the Reincarnating Ego or “I”, the permanent individuality, the Higher Manas or Mind-Entity.

      It is this which is the real thinker, chooser, doer, actor, enjoyer, sufferer, and experiencer, THROUGH its successive personalities or personal selves. So although someone named John Smith (for example) may suffer in this life for deeds committed in a past incarnation when named Mary Jones, it is the exact same soul, the same spiritual individuality, and although it may seem like “John Smith” is the one who’s suffering, it is not quite the case, since “John Smith” is only a temporary and evanescent persona acquired and occupied under the Law of Karma by the same soul who had previously been embodied in, through, and as “Mary Jones.”

      No-one else makes us do what we do. We always have the power to choose. So there is no injustice in this continual process of Karmic re-adjustment and re-balancing. And it is not actually a bad thing, for it is the means by which the soul evolves, learns, and ultimately progresses and attains to higher and purer levels of consciousness.

      I don’t know whether this helps to answer the question but hopefully it may shed some further light on the matter.

      As for our planet, it will never be fully destroyed or rendered uninhabitable as long as humanity still needs it…and the Theosophical teaching is that the Earth goes through seven major evolutionary cycles, each lasting extremely long periods of time. We are still only just over halfway, i.e. we are in what is known as the Fourth Round. It has taken millions upon millions of years to reach to this point and it will take millions more to reach to the end of the Seventh Round. As bad as things may possibly get in the future, the planet will not be destroyed but will continue to exist until the close of the Seventh Round.

      For more information on this topic, you can see the articles “Chains, Globes, Rounds and Root Races” at http://blavatskytheosophy.com/chains-globes-rounds-and-root-races/ and “Human Evolution in The Secret Doctrine” at http://blavatskytheosophy.com/human-evolution-in-the-secret-doctrine/.

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