The Wondrous Being – The Great Sacrifice

Painting by Nicholas Roerich

The “Sons of Wisdom” is a name given to a group who incarnated themselves in the early period of the 3rd Root Race (the Lemurian Epoch) as the very first group of self-conscious, spiritual, intellectually awakened human beings, prior to the awakening of consciousness in the general mass of humanity which occurred later.

In this early Lemurian period, which was millions of years ago, the “Sons of Wisdom” used Kriyashakti to produce the necessary physical vehicle for the embodiment of a great Being who was ready and waiting, destined according to the Law of Karma, to enter upon our globe in order to fulfill the most important and highest possible role and position here.

“This “Wondrous Being” descended from a “high region,” they say, in the early part of the Third Age, before the separation of the sexes of the Third Race. … In the first or earlier portion of the existence of this third race, while it was yet in its state of purity, the “Sons of Wisdom,” who, as will be seen, incarnated in this Third Race, produced by Kriyashakti a progeny called the “Sons of Ad” or “of the Fire-Mist,” the “Sons of Will and Yoga,” etc. They were a conscious production, as a portion of the race was already animated with the divine spark of spiritual, superior intelligence. It was not a Race, this progeny. It was at first a wondrous Being, called the “Initiator,” and after him a group of semi-divine and semi-human beings. “Set apart” in Archaic genesis for certain purposes, they are those in whom are said to have incarnated the highest Dhyanis, “Munis and Rishis from previous Manvantaras” – to form the nursery for future adepts, on this earth and during the present cycle. These “Sons of Will and Yoga” born, so to speak, in an immaculate way, remained, it is explained, entirely apart from the rest of mankind.”

– H.P. Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 1, p. 207

It is further explained that “those incarnated Rishis and Devas of the third Root Race” were androgynous at first and “divided into opposite sexes … themselves, later on” as did the rest of humanity. (“The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 1, p. 209)

“It was by Kriyashakti, that mysterious and divine power latent in the will of every man, and which, if not called to life, quickened and developed by Yogi-training, remains dormant in 999,999 men out of a million, and gets atrophied. … The Third Race had thus created the so-called SONS OF WILL AND YOGA, or the “ancestors” (the spiritual forefathers) of all the subsequent and present Arhats, or Mahatmas, in a truly immaculate way. They were indeed created, not begotten, as were their brethren of the Fourth Race, who were generated sexually after the separation of sexes, the Fall of Man. For creation is but the result of will acting on phenomenal matter, the calling forth out of it the primordial divine Light and eternal Life. They were the “holy seed-grain” of the future Saviours of Humanity.” (Vol. 2, p. 173)

“In the Secret Doctrine,” explains HPB on p. 181 of the second volume of the book of that title, “the first Nagas – beings wiser than Serpents – are the “Sons of Will and Yoga,” born before the complete separation of the sexes, “matured in the man-bearing eggs produced by the power (Kriyashakti) of the holy sages” of the early Third Race.”

Yes, “propelled by the sexless creative instinct, the early sub-races had evolved an intermediate race in which, as hinted in the Stanzas, the higher Dhyan-Chohans had incarnated. [“This is the “undying race” as it is called in Esotericism …”] “When we have ascertained the extent of the Universe and learnt to know all that there is in it, we will multiply our race,” answer the Sons of Will and Yoga to their brethren of the same race [i.e. the Third Race, the Lemurians], who invite them to do as they do. This means that the great Adepts and Initiated ascetics will “multiply,” i.e., once more produce Mind-born immaculate Sons – in the Seventh Root-Race. … Happily for the human race the “Elect Race” had already become the vehicle of the (intellectually and spiritually) highest Dhyanis before Humanity had become quite material. When the last sub-races – save some lowest – of the Third Race had perished with the great Lemurian Continent, “the seeds of the Trinity of Wisdom” had already acquired the secret of immortality on Earth, that gift which allows the same great personality to step ad libitum from one worn-out body into another.” (Vol. 2, p. 275-276)

Before these Great Ones had emerged on our Earth, that even Greater Being had appeared.

In “The Secret Doctrine” he is referred to in various ways, such as…

* The Wondrous Being
* The Nameless One
* The Initiator
* The Great Sacrifice
* The Solitary Watcher

…and it is he who “holds spiritual sway over the initiated Adepts throughout the whole world,” as H.P. Blavatsky wrote in “The Secret Doctrine”. We are told that he changes form from time to time, as evolution requires, but in his INNER and REAL nature “remains ever the same.” He “has to remain nameless” although numerous names have been applied to him by different people.

It is he who is the Supreme Head of the hidden esoteric Brotherhood which guides the evolution and advancement of humanity, sometimes called the Great White Lodge or Great Brotherhood.

In their teachings, the Masters and HPB explain that there are four basic grades or degrees of initiation but that the fourth of these consists of four possible degrees in itself, thus making an actual total of seven degrees on the Path of Initiation. These are given as:

#1. Srotapanna
#2. Sakridagamin
#3. Anagamin
#4. Arhat

[But, we are told, “The Arhat, though he can see the Past, the Present, and the Future, is not yet the highest Initiate. … Three further higher grades have to be conquered by the Arhat who would reach to the apex of the ladder of Arhatship.”]

#5. Arhat of the 2nd degree
#6. Arhat of the 3rd degree
#7. Arhat of the 4th degree

This “apex of the ladder of Arhatship” is referred to in the Stanzas from the Secret Book of Dzyan as “the fourth fruit” of the fourth path of knowledge that leads to Nirvana.” Referring to these very highest Initiates and how they stand in relation to the Wondrous Being, “The Secret Doctrine” says:

“The Arhats of the “fire-mist” of the 7th rung are but one remove from the Root-Base of their Hierarchy – the highest on Earth, and our Terrestrial chain. This “Root-Base” has a name which can only be translated by several compound words into English – “the ever-living-human-Banyan.” This “Wondrous Being” descended from a “high region,” they say, in the early part of the Third Age, before the separation of the sexes of the Third Race.” (Vol. 1, p. 206-207)

The symbolism of the Banyan tree is significant, as any Indian or Oriental knows. HPB also uses the phrase “THE TREE FROM WHICH THE ADEPTS GROW.” Also significant is the fact that the word “human” is used in his description and that further down on p. 207 it’s emphasised that despite his great spiritual and divine nature he is also “objective man.”

Consider these beautiful and inspiring words from “The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 1, p. 208 and 211:

“He is the “Initiator,” called the “GREAT SACRIFICE.” For, sitting at the threshold of LIGHT, he looks into it from within the circle of Darkness, which he will not cross; nor will he quit his post till the last day of this life-cycle. Why does the solitary Watcher remain at his self-chosen post? Why does he sit by the fountain of primeval Wisdom, of which he drinks no longer, as he has naught to learn which he does not know – aye, neither on this Earth, nor in its heaven? Because the lonely, sore-footed pilgrims on their way back to their home are never sure to the last moment of not losing their way in this limitless desert of illusion and matter called Earth-Life. Because he would fain show the way to that region of freedom and light, from which he is a voluntary exile himself, to every prisoner who has succeeded in liberating himself from the bonds of flesh and illusion. Because, in short, he has sacrificed himself for the sake of mankind, though but a few Elect may profit by the GREAT SACRIFICE.

“It is under the direct, silent guidance of this MAHA – (great) – GURU that all the other less divine Teachers and instructors of mankind became, from the first awakening of human consciousness, the guides of early Humanity. It is through these “Sons of God” that infant humanity got its first notions of all the arts and sciences, as well as of spiritual knowledge; and it is they who have laid the first foundation-stone of those ancient civilizations that puzzle so sorely our modern generation of students and scholars. …

“It was a child of pure Spirit, mentally unalloyed with any tincture of earthly element. Its physical frame alone was of time and of life, as it drew its intelligence direct from above. It was the living tree of divine wisdom; and may therefore be likened to the Mundane Tree of the Norse Legend; which cannot wither and die until the last battle of life shall be fought, while its roots are gnawed all the time by the dragon Nidhogg; for even so, the first and holy Son of Kriyashakti had his body gnawed by the tooth of time, but the roots of his inner being remained for ever undecaying and strong, because they grew and expanded in heaven not on earth. He was the first of the FIRST, and he was the seed of all the others. There were other “Sons of Kriyashakti” produced by a second Spiritual effort, but the first one has remained to this day the Seed of divine Knowledge, the One and the Supreme among the terrestrial “Sons of Wisdom.” Of this subject we can say no more, except to add that in every age – aye, even in our own – there have been great intellects who have understood the problem correctly.”

It is hinted at by HPB that this Great Being dwells at Shamballa, that “certain Sacred Island in Central Asia.”

But we must stress that this Solitary Watcher did not come to Earth from Venus and is not Sanat Kumara or any of the seven Kumaras.

HPB and the Masters never taught or even implied such a thing…it was solely the invention of C.W. Leadbeater and later found its way into many other teachings. The Master K.H. and the Master M., who stated that they were the real authors of “The Secret Doctrine” with their “Direct Agent” HPB (see Who Wrote The Secret Doctrine?), made a point of explaining that the Lord of Shamballa she describes is not any of the seven Kumaras but is higher than all of them.

“Alone a handful of primitive men – in whom the spark of Divine Wisdom burnt bright, and only strengthened in its intensity as it got dimmer and dimmer with every age in those who turned it to bad purposes – remained the elect custodians of the Mysteries revealed to mankind by the divine Teachers. There were those among them, who remained in their Kumaric condition from the beginning; and tradition whispers, what the secret teachings affirm, namely, that these Elect were the germ of a Hierarchy which never died since that period:-

“The inner man of the first * * * only changes his body from time to time; he is ever the same, knowing neither rest nor Nirvana, spurning Devachan and remaining constantly on Earth for the salvation of mankind. . . . .” “Out of the seven virgin-men (Kumara) four sacrificed themselves for the sins of the world and the instruction of the ignorant, to remain till the end of the present Manvantara. Though unseen, they are ever present. When people say of one of them, “He is dead”; behold, he is alive and under another form. These are the Head, the Heart, the Soul, and the Seed of undying knowledge (Gnyana). Thou shalt never speak, O Lanoo, of these great ones (Maha . . .) before a multitude, mentioning them by their names. The wise alone will understand.” . . . (Catechism of the inner Schools.)

“It is these Sacred “Four” who have been allegorized and symbolized in the “Linga Purana,” which states that Vamadeva (Shiva) as Kumara is reborn in each Kalpa (Race in this instance), as four youths – four, white; four, red; four, yellow; and four, dark or brown. Let us remember that Shiva is pre-eminently and chiefly an ascetic, the patron of all Yogis and Adepts, and the allegory will become quite comprehensible. It is the spirit of Divine Wisdom and chaste asceticism itself which incarnates in these Elect. . . . Higher than the “Four” is only ONE on Earth as in Heavens – that still more mysterious and solitary Being described in Book I.”

– H.P. Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 2, p. 281-282

Who or what is Shiva in reality? “The patron of all Yogis and Adepts” is what we are told here, which is exactly the same sense in which we have seen the Wondrous Being at Shamballa described.

Bearing in mind everything we have just read, let us think carefully about the fact that elsewhere in “The Secret Doctrine” (Vol. 2, p. 502), on a page where HPB is specifically talking about Shamballa, she also makes mention of “Rudra Shiva, the great Yogi, the forefather of all the Adepts – in Esotericism one of the greatest Kings of the Divine Dynasties. Called “the Earliest” and the “Last,” he is the patron of the Third, Fourth, and the Fifth Root-Races.”

T. Subba Row made a statement about the esoteric tradition teaching that Amitabha Buddha (the Buddha of Infinite Light) himself dwelt at Shamballa and “established the Brotherhood” there.

Numerous names could be applied to this Nameless One but it ultimately aids our understanding very little. Names often get in the way and become self-imposed mental barriers and obstructions to comprehension. We might speculate that he is an incarnation and embodiment of the Universal Logos but we will be wrong if we think of and refer to him as the Planetary Logos, Planetary Spirit, or Solar Logos. “Planetary Logos” and “Solar Logos” are again terms and teachings invented by C.W. Leadbeater and later popularised by others, such as Alice Bailey. They are not part of the original and genuine teachings of Theosophy and only cause confusion, distortion, and misrepresentation of the Esoteric Philosophy.

Another term by which he is occasionally referred is that of Maha-Guru, Paramahaguru, or simply the MAH. In HPB’s first book “Isis Unveiled,” we can read (Vol. 2, p. 388) about “that mystical personage known to some adepts as the “venerable MAH,” … the mysterious Eastern Brothers who obey him … The MAH, who lives at this very day in a spot unknown to all but Initiates, and the approaches to which are through trackless wildernesses, …beset by dangers fit to appall the most courageous explorers.”

Students of Theosophy know that four important parts of the body of Mother Earth are – figuratively speaking – her head, her heart, her belt, and her feet.

Her head is the North Pole, called the “right end” of our globe, which is where “every beneficent (astral and cosmic) action comes from” and which is connected with right-hand magic, i.e. White Magic. Her feet are represented by the South Pole, called the “left end” of our globe, the origin of “every lethal influence” and which is connected with left-hand magic, i.e. Black Magic. Her belt is “the sacred Himavat,” the mountain chain of the Himalayas, whilst “The heart of the Earth beats under the foot of the sacred Shambalah.” So says an esoteric Commentary quoted from in “The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 2, p. 400.

Shambalah or Shamballa, that “spot unknown to all but Initiates, and the approaches to which are through trackless wildernesses,” is indeed a physical location right here on the physical plane of our physical Earth, despite claims made in the literature of pseudo-Theosophy by the likes of Leadbeater and Bailey that it exists instead on the so-called “etheric plane,” in “matter of the second ether.” H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters themselves maintain that its location is as physical and terrestrial as our own town or city but that none except the suitably initiated will ever be permitted or enabled to find it.

It might be asked whether the “Maha Guru” is the same as the “Maha Chohan.” We don’t believe this to be the case. The latter can be understood more fully through the article What is a Chohan?

There is little need for any more information to be given to us about the Nameless One than this. As HPB said, “Of this subject we can say no more.” This greatness, this majesty, this love, this sacrifice, is barely within the realms of our comprehension anyway. The divine love that blazes ever bright within the Silent Watcher’s heart will not allow him to pass onward into infinite peace and liberation until every last one of us has been led onward and upward to the infinite peace, the infinite wisdom, the infinite liberation which is his.

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