Preferring Personal Opinion to Proven Facts

The Masters in Theosophy

A tremendous amount of people casually reject the facts about the Masters of the Wisdom in favour of their own unsupported personal preferences and opinions as to what the Masters should be like and how they should act.

Just as human beings throughout the ages have repeatedly created a God in their own “image and likeness,” an anthropomorphic deity reflecting the personal belief and opinion of those individuals of what the Divine “should” be like, it is also the case that many people today – both within the Theosophical Movement as well as outside it – have created their own mental structure of the Masters, the Mahatmas and Adepts, and decided that this is what the Masters are like, this is what the Masters believe, this is what the Masters teach, and this is what the Masters do.

If we had no actual or legitimate ways of knowing what the Masters really do believe and teach and how they really do act and function, it would surely be reasonable and permissible for us to form our own ideas and opinions on the matter. Yet the fact is that we have easy access to hundreds of letters written by the Masters themselves (particularly by the Master K.H. and Master M., the two who were most closely and directly involved with H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement which she founded under their inspiration and direction), many of which have been published along with entire books for which some of the Masters claimed direct involvement and joint authorship with HPB, notably “The Secret Doctrine.”

As we delve into the Masters’ own words and teachings, these are just some of the important facts that we discover…

* The Masters deny the existence of God, repeatedly asserting that they know “there is no such thing as God,” saying that they “reject with contempt the theistic theory” and describing belief in God as “superstition” born out of ignorance. Declaring that they will never pander to public preference and prejudice by speaking of “God” they instead affirm belief in – or rather knowledge of – “the One Life, the One Law, and the One Element,” generally referring to this “Absolute Non-Entity” and “Divine Principle” under such Sanskrit terms as Parabrahm, Mulaprakriti, Brahman, Adi-Buddhi, Akasha, and Svabhavat. According to them, the nature of the supreme Ultimate Reality is Absolute Abstract SPACE…Absolute Abstract MOTION…Absolute Abstract DURATION…and Absolute Abstract MATTER.

(See The Masters Deny the Existence of God, Belief in God is Superstition, The One Eternal Thing, and The Impersonal Divine)

* The Masters are bound by the strict limitations of Cyclic Law to keep their direct involvement with humanity and their presentation of “new” teachings restricted to the closing 25 years of every century. This is what they call “the centennial cycle” (which was instituted, at least in part, by Tsong Kha-pa) and they leave no room for doubt or confusion over whether or not they would be continuing to reveal further aspects of their Teaching after the year 1900.

(See The Closing Cycle, and The Final Mahatma Letter)

* The Masters refer to H.P. Blavatsky as their “direct agent,” “their brother,” a “high and initiated” soul, and one who can never be succeeded or replaced as their direct Messenger to the world.

(See Who are you, Madame Blavatsky?, Words from The Masters about H.P. Blavatsky, The Masters and Madame Blavatsky and A Yogi’s Meeting with a Himalayan Mahatma)

* The Masters have a very negative view of Christianity, – and the Roman Catholic Church in particular – considering its dogmas, doctrines, and theology to be a “pernicious fallacy” and something which needs to be eradicated for the sake of mankind.

* They make it clear that they are in constant opposition with the “Dugpas,” members of what could be called the Dark Brotherhood or Black Lodge, who are intent to keep the human race in ignorance, superstition, mental passivity, and soul-destroying materialism. Many of these Dugpas or “Brothers of the Shadow” are “red hats” (i.e. associated with the semi-reformed and unreformed branches of Tibetan Buddhism, apparently the Nyingmapas and Kagyupas in particular) while the Masters refer to themselves and some of their associates as “yellow hats,” i.e. Gelugpas, the reformed branch of Tibetan Buddhism founded by Tsong Kha-pa, and to which the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas belong. Some of the Dugpas are Bons or Bhons (followers of the indigenous Tibetan religion) whilst a great many others are Jesuits, members of the Society of Jesus founded by Ignatius Loyola. The Masters say that the Catholic Church is now completely under the control of the Jesuits and that they are “the enemies of humanity.”

* The Masters maintain that Jesus and his mission were of relatively little consequence in the whole scheme of things and that “The Christ” is not an individual being or entity of any kind but rather a term for an abstract spiritual Principle only.

(See Dismantling the Christian Edifice, Theosophy, The Jesuits & The Roman Catholic Church, Blavatsky on Vicarious Atonement, Salvation from Christianity, The True Nature of Jehovah, and Theosophy and the Tibetan Book of the Dead)

* The Masters place great emphasis on philosophy and are highly cultured and learned in philosophical matters, both Eastern and Western, strongly favouring Platonism over Aristotelianism and asserting that the Platonic approach must triumph over the Aristotelian approach, for the sake of humanity’s further spiritual evolution and advancement.

(See Plato and Aristotle and Plotinus on The ONE Supreme Reality)

* They consider the Lord Gautama Buddha to be the greatest and holiest man that ever walked this earth and highly venerate his reincarnation in Tsong Kha-pa, founder of the Gelugpas and of the Tibetan Esoteric School in the 14th century. They also teach that the first reincarnation of the Gautama-Bodhisattva-Nirmanakaya was in Adi Shankaracharya, founder of the Advaita Vedanta form of Hinduism, which they hold in very high regard.

* They are strictly Buddhists (in the case of the Master M., Master K.H., the Maha Chohan, and all of the Tibetan Brotherhood) and affiliated with the Gelugpa branch of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism and the esoteric Yogacharya School founded by Aryasangha. Although they are esoteric Buddhists rather than followers of the exoteric religion, they nevertheless maintain that “even exoteric Buddhism is the surest path to lead men to the one esoteric Truth,” these being the words of the Maha Chohan, the “Great Chief” of the Brotherhood and the Master of all the Masters.

(See Alaya – The Universal SoulThe Great Tsong Kha-pa, The Life & Times of Adi ShankaracharyaMaitreya in the Light of Real Theosophy, The Secret Book of Dzyan, Blavatsky and BuddhismBuddha Nature and The Letter from The Maha Chohan)

* Although the Masters speak highly of some of the forms of Western esotericism, such as the Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and Rosicrucianism, they strongly maintain that even the best of these are but diluted and distorted copies of the true Eastern esotericism.

* The Masters have no interest in uniting or blending Eastern and Western spirituality with each other but are instead intent on turning the West towards Eastern – and particularly Indian – spirituality and philosophy, which they say is the only thing which can save the Western world. They once described one of the aims and purposes of the Theosophical Movement as being to Indian-ise Western thought.

* The Masters are strongly opposed to spiritualism, mediumship, and channelling and declare that they can never and will never be “channelled” by anyone.

(See East and WestThe Danger and Deception of Channelling, Death and The Afterlife, Beware of the Star Rishis, Maji – The Yogini of Benares, and Damodar and the Hall of Initiation)

* They insist that their “Esoteric Doctrine is the sole custodian of Truth” and that none of them will ever contradict one another in matters of the Teaching or present opposing views or teachings since “Truth is One and cannot admit of diametrically opposite opinions” and “We have no two beliefs or opinions on any subject.”

(See The “Etheric” Body Does Not Exist, A Conversation with an Alice Bailey Student, Theosophy and Agni Yoga, How to successfully study the Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky and Original Theosophy and Later Versions)

* The Masters affirm that they are physically incarnated, living in physical human bodies right here on our physical Earth, and not exempt from various tasks which also affect the rest of us, such as eating, sleeping, dressing, and travelling.

(See Some Facts about Adeptship)

* They say that it is extremely difficult – and also a very serious thing – for anyone to come into contact with them and that the vast majority who apply to become their chelas (disciples) fail in their seven year probationary period. Absolute purity of thought and deed, freedom from all personal desire and ambition, and self-sacrificing altruism for the sake of helping and serving “the great orphan humanity” are essential requirements for anyone who would hope to stand even the faintest chance of coming into communion with the Masters.

(See The Yoga of Purity, Desire: The Cause of All Suffering, and Practical Theosophy)

* The Masters are never married and shun all carnal and sensual relationships, maintaining that the sexual act is intended solely for purposes of procreation and never for the sake of sensual pleasure, and describing birth control and related practices as “unclean” and “abominable” and abortion as “murder” and “a crime.”

(See Theosophy on the Sex Problem, Abortion – A Spiritual Perspectiveand also “Theosophy looks upon procreation as the only legitimate form of sex…” from  “Living the Higher Life” ULT Pamphlet No. 34)

Some, if not most, of the above points will no doubt seem quite unpalatable to many people. Yet these are the facts, which no-one who has read and studied in full the Masters’ letters and the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky can deny. It is certainly true and well known that many people since the time of HPB have claimed to be “messengers” and “agents” of the same Masters and the majority of them have implied – if not directly stated – that they knew and understood the Masters and were far closer to them than was HPB.

These “blind leaders of the blind” and their gullible and wilfully ignorant followers “like too many others, prefer to believe what is pleasant rather than what is true, and become very angry with anyone who destroys an agreeable delusion.” (H.P. Blavatsky, “The Key to Theosophy”)

We are all free and welcome to believe, think, and accept whatever we like…but to imply that the beliefs, teachings, nature, and practices of the Masters are different and otherwise than what they themselves have said, is equivalent to accusing them of being self-ignorant liars.

The emails that we receive from people around the world show that an ever increasing number of people are now beginning to turn away from such pseudo-Theosophical deceptions and delusions as the Alice Bailey teachings, the writings of C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant, and the “Ascended Master” channellings which characterise the New Age movement, and to turn instead towards the original and genuine Theosophy – the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters.

As HPB herself put it in “Isis Unveiled,” we are now in an age where blind belief and willful ignorance cannot stand or prevail against hard evidence and fact.

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