Can Children Understand Theosophy?

There are two very good books published by Theosophy CompanyTheosophy for Children (for the United Lodge of Theosophists) which present Theosophy to children in an interesting way, designed to get the children to think for themselves about the information they’re reading.

The only drawback – if it is a drawback – is that both these books now have a somewhat antiquated quaintness to them, due to having been written between 70 and 90 years ago. But they’re still in print and still used in “Theosophy School,” at the various ULT Lodges which still run a Theosophy School for children once a week.

One book is nearly 300 pages long and titled “The Eternal Verities” with the subtitle “For Old Souls in Young Bodies.” Its numerous lessons revolve around the Three Fundamental Propositions of “The Secret Doctrine” (by H.P. Blavatsky) which this book calls “The Three Truths,” presenting them in clear and simple language which any English-speaking child above the age of 7 should be able to understand, without altering or distorting the actual Theosophical teaching.

It can be useful for adults to read the book too, as it provides indications as to how we can discuss and introduce Theosophy most simply and effectively to people we know who may find it bewildering, intimidating, or offputting to hear such phrases as “Three Fundamental Propositions of The Secret Doctrine.” “The Three Truths of Theosophy” or “The Three Truths of the Ancient Wisdom” can potentially be more effective in such cases.

The other book is “”Because” – For the Children who ask Why” and is easier to read than “The Eternal Verities” because of it being shorter and also having a story type format in which a brother and sister are introduced to the teachings of Theosophy through their “Aunt Eleanor” who they go to live with after their mother dies.

Although the authors of the books are unnamed, following the regular ULT policy of anonymity and impersonality, it was discovered that “Because” was actually written by the late Grace Clough, who was one of the seven founding associates of the ULT with Robert Crosbie. It is also thought that she was the author of “The Eternal Verities.”

This is an excerpt from p. 100-101:

“Coming home from school today, Aunt Eleanor, we passed the new store which is just building. A man was going up a ladder with a hodful of bricks, when one of the bricks fell out and hit a man walking below. It hurt him badly. Anyway, it hit his nose and made it bleed. Now, how could that be the Karma of the man who let the brick fall, when he didn’t even know it had fallen?” queried Milton.

“But it was his Karma just the same, Aunt Eleanor, wasn’t it?” Dorothy put in.

“Yes, indeed. Somewhere, sometime, there was a cause set up between those two men which was then balanced. Not only that, but even the very lives in the brick must have formerly been impressed by both men to make it this particular instrument of Karma. We often forget that we are impressing all the time the lives of the universe for good or for ill. And we have to pay our debts to invisible lives – to molecules and to atoms – as we do to friend and foe in human guise. When we say that all is Life, and all creatures, great and small, are our brothers, we also mean that the Law works through us to them and through them to us. All beings are weaving all the time a great living web of Karma. Though the threads are invisible to our eyes, they are strong and will hold, down ages of time.”

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