“Theosophy looks upon procreation as the only legitimate function of sex…”


Sunday 8th September 2013

“Of all the ways that are being recommended for the reconstruction of our shattered civilization, there is none to equal in importance and value that of the restoration to the modern world of the Ideal of the Grihastha, the Home-Builder. Not only have the dignity and the sacredness of the home been lowered, but also marriage itself has come to be looked on as a mere secular institution. While the economic and civic aspects of marriage are widely discussed, the spiritual aspect, which is the highest, is hardly considered to-day. Selfish economic considerations have produced such a movement as that of birth-control. Among the evils that this movement is generating, the worst is the temptation which it places in the way of the young stealthily to use contraceptives and to gratify promiscuously their sex lust. The advocates of birth-control may protest against such wrong use but actually their advocacy of the practice entails connivance at it. The ghastly evil is widespread in Western lands and will overtake India before long unless a strong effort is made to expose it in all its hideousness. What doubt can there be but that this dangerous movement has contributed substantially to laxity and impurity in matters of sex?

“It is sex impurity which most corrupts marriage, and thus undermines and wrecks the institution of the home. In the absence of true knowledge and soulful idealism, sex has come to be looked upon, spoken about, and debased in a way that makes man lower than the beasts. Sex immorality has taken hold of our civilization; it is crushing human culture like a boa-constrictor. The evil has taken many shapes, of which the sins of adultery and open prostitution are the least objectionable.

“Theosophy does not merely discountenance the abuse of sex. It very definitely condemns all malpractice and indulgence. It looks upon procreation as the only legitimate function of sex.

“It is of little use, however, to take the merely negative stand of condemning sex impurity and every form of sex abuse. For those, however few, who may aspire to realize the great Ideal of Grihastha, the noble household life, that ideal must be held aloft.”

— B.P. Wadia, Foreword to Living the Higher Life

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~ Blavatsky Theosophy Group UK ~


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